24 February 2011

Hug A Snowman... It's Cold Out There!

As promised, here are some photos from yesterday's meander through the snow

Along the way I met some snowmen snowfriends...

Saw a mother and son shoveling snow...

and a few crazy people out for a run...

I walked past my old high school, Mount Doug Secondary

Then circled around the University of Victoria...

Paying homage to the Canadian Flag :)

A few minutes later, the snow started picking up...

And all that walking made for a hungry squirrel who needed some snacking...

By the time I headed home, the snow and wind 
picked up, making it hard to see where I was going!

But when I saw my church I go to, I knew I was on the right path lol

The photos don't do justice in showing how 
blinding it was; How I made it home is a mystery

Phew, so happy when I found my street and 
could finally get back inside my warm igloo home

Not attractive, this is my post "What the hell did I just go through" face

Even my groceries were frozen haha

The End


Rebecca said... [reply]

i'm colder just looking at these pics haha

Alex@Spoonful of Sugar Free said... [reply]

Holy Fazoli, girl! That is a truck load of snow!!! It is crazy thinking that you walked through that only yesterday while I was outside sweating truckloads because it was the hottest and most humid day I had all winter! 83*......

Tod said... [reply]

Crazy, When I left Victoria it was sunny and dry. That was at 1:30pm, then i heard it started to snow like crazy at 2:00pm ... that way tuesday..

Anonymous said... [reply]

What groceries did you get missy?!
Excited to see...
Snuggle up, it looks cold in vancouver!

Sarena Shasteen - The Non-Dairy Queen said... [reply]

That house with the snowmen...that is my dream house! The photos are great Kelsey. Now I am freezing! Try to stay warm!

Kayla (Little Miss Healthify) said... [reply]

It looks FREEZING and you look soo cold!! Your hat is so cute, though!

The snow pictures are gorgeous, though! Snow is just so dazzling and beautiful!

Lindsay and James Cotter said... [reply]

i love the flag picture. Such great colors. And wow, does that look FRIGID!! I've never had to shovel snow in my life. I think I'd be horrible it.

Chelsea said... [reply]

I don't know how on earth people can run outside in that kind of weather! They're crazy!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

It looks like you are living where I am!!!!

Tina @ Healthy Made Easy said... [reply]

Oh my goodness! I hope you're wearing snow shoes!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Arghhh I hate walking in that kind of weather. At least you're on the coast! It's a fair bit less brutal then the winds that go and go and go and go across the Alberta prairies with nothing to hit!!
The best thing after a walk like that is a hot mug of tea and snuggling up on your couch in your favorite blanket!

Mary said... [reply]

Dang! I know you're in Canada and all..but it's still strange to see that much snow when it's close to 80* here already!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Wow I can't imagine walking through all that snow!! I just got done biking home in shorts and a t-shirt... then again I do live in Texas haha


zoe (and the beatles) said... [reply]

i cannot believe you braved through that! i am such a wuss when i comes to snow and cold weather. guess that's what happens when you live in northern california your whole life :)

oh, and don't tell me that's your unattractive face! you look adorable :)!

Lisa (bakebikeblog) said... [reply]


Anonymous said... [reply]

Oh my god I've been complaining about how cold it is where I live when It's not even snowing!
Brrr. I feel bad for you girl.

Stephanie said... [reply]

Ha! Great snowmen! I really like the Canadian flag pics...the red is quite striking against the snow.

Anonymous said... [reply]


Sophia @ Raven Waves said... [reply]

Wow, you guys got hit hard! Stay warm out there!

Aimee said... [reply]

Wow you look fareeezing. Thanks for the photos. What kinds of goodies are in the bag? I just did a groceries post inspired a bit by you :) Stay warm<3

Katie Mar said... [reply]

oh mannn! snow is getting on my nerves
it's pretty, but i'm sick of it

i just looked at your coconut pudding recipe and it looks delishh.. i just ate, but it's so tempting to make right now

thank you so much for praying for briar's family. you're very sweet! :)

Christin@purplebirdblog said... [reply]

That is one helluva photo set!! :D

Yuki said... [reply]

i used to go to mount doug too
didnt like it though :P
so i switched schools
omg i cant believe it snowed a couple days ago!
i just came back from vancouver and there's no snow there :D

Meagan said... [reply]

I LOVE oskri products - have you tried their coconut bars? DELISH

Red Deception said... [reply]

Good thing I got my ass out of there before the snowfall!

Krista said... [reply]

You guys sure got hit! Those snowmen are way cute. Bet they were fun to make!!

Natasha said... [reply]

I love how any pictures with colours other than gray/brown (trees) and white REALLY stood out. Like the red in the flag! Love it :)

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