22 March 2011

Spring Squirrel

Breakfast was a Grilled version of a Peanut Butter Banana Wrap

Made with Adam's Crunchy Peanut Butter and Banana in a Brown Rice Tortilla

Grilled for 2-3 minutes on the George Foreman Grill

Followed by a "Tea Break"

Harney & Sons Japanese Sencha Green Tea

Japanese Sencha is one of the more mild Green Teas 
with a naturally light sweet flavour and smooth undertone

For Lunch, I made a Stir-fry...

Jumbo Prawn and Black Bean Stir-Fry

Broccoli, Kale, Spinach, Celery, Onion, Brown Mustard, Dill, Cayenne, and Thyme

So it's official that we've already left the Winter Season and entered into Spring. Other 
than all the rain here, it's been nice to see daffodils blooming and hear birds chirping :)

Question: Does it feel like Spring where you live? 


Anonymous said... [reply]

Well, it's supposed to snow tomorrow. So that would be a "no."

How did you manage to roll up the tortilla so perfectly?! They ALWAYS break when I use them!!

<3 <3

Sarena Shasteen - The Non-Dairy Queen said... [reply]

Yes, spring is here! That wrap...I need that!

Anonymous said... [reply]

You lucky woman!
It's supposed to snow up to 50 cm before tomorrow. I don't think we'll even get summer, let alone spring. Just flood season and winter.

That banana wrap looks so tasty!

Mary @ Bites and Bliss said... [reply]

Banana PB wraps! Yum yum. :D

It definitely feels like spring here, almost summer actually. It was cool this morning but is 80 and sunny now!

Tine said... [reply]

Yup, also spring over here!
Lovely sunshine! Lots of vitamin D!

J3nn (Jenn's Menu and Lifestyle Blog) said... [reply]

I have never grilled a wrap! It looks yummy. I love your stir-fry, too! Yum.

It felt like spring last week, now it feels like January, again. :(

Jenny said... [reply]

I've never made grilled pb and banana wraps why?! Gah I must be crazyyy :D

Anonymous said... [reply]

It is ALMOST Spring :) It seems like each day we have a few hours of sunshine and nice weather, and then it rains the rest of the time.

lynn said... [reply]

mmmm! i regret giving away my george forman grill now!!!

Anonymous said... [reply]

that combo is truly one of a kind~~Hmmm cali is always on and off with the weather and always kind of mild...so i get confused :P it's been rainy but today it's sunny then cloudy then sunny. but i guess this would fall under the category of April showers?

Asha at Adventure's in Ashaland said... [reply]

YUMMMMYYY!!! your breakfast wrap looks like heaven...since I am a peanut butter addict! I bet it was so delicious having been warmed up on the grill. And the stir-fry looks delicious, especially with some prawns :) We have been having huge storms in California, but today was sunny and beautiful, still a bit cold and crisp, but so refreshing and it felt like spring to me. Hope you get some sunshine soon Kelsey xox

The Dainty Pig said... [reply]

Cute squirrel!

Definitely spring over here...cherry blossoms are about to take over, and plenty of chirping birds!

Yummy eats :) Have a great week!

Anonymous said... [reply]

It felt like spring yesterday, but now it's rainy and cold and gross outside! Yuck!

Chelsea said... [reply]

It was starting to feel like spring, but apparently we're supposed to get snow tomorrow! Noooo! :(

Katrina (Betty Ray) said... [reply]

Your grilled breakfast wrap is genius! gonna have to pull out Mr. Panini Press one morning and copy that one. :)

Nope, does not feel like spring here at all. It did on Friday but turns out that was just a giant tease and yesterday we had snow on the grass. Poo!

Anonymous said... [reply]

gah that tea is so good! i need you to come over and make me stir frys! they look so good!

Aimee said... [reply]

Nice day of eating. I tried my brown rice wrap with peanut butter but found it too dry...I will have to try it with banana too.
It's kinda springy here too, lots of sunshine<3

Missy said... [reply]

I love your wraps.
I would love to try that with some spring fuit in there...hmm. Peanut butter, banana and peach grilled wrap?

It's felt like Spring in South Florida since February. It feels more like the coming of Summer and I LOVE it.

Anonymous said... [reply]

I love grilled PB & nanner wraps! I like adding granola in mine. :)
Michigan right now is pretty much a blizzard...again. :(
It was weird, I took a nap around 4PM and it was semi-nice outside. Then, when I woke up an hour later BAM snow on the ground...


Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

Nope, it doesn't feel like spring at all :-(

Sarah (Running To Slow Things Down) said... [reply]

Not quite, but we're getting there! At least there's only a couple of inches of snow vs. the couple of feet...haha. Soon. Very soon, we will have grass and leaves appearing. I can't wait!

Your wrap looks wonderful, by the way! :)

Kath (My Funny Little Life) said... [reply]

Spring has finally come! :D Love sencha, and your stir fry looks wonderful!

Anonymous said... [reply]

YAY spring :)
What was the sauce on your stir fry? Was that the honey mustard?

Alex@Spoonful of Sugar Free said... [reply]

Actually....it feels like summer down here in Florida!!! Seriosuly, it is HOT! Almost 90* yesterday....and humid....

Anonymous said... [reply]

Spring is definitely here and we were ready! I've been MIA in the blog world and I missed seeing all your wraps and stir fries/frys! It all looks delish.

Ayla said... [reply]

It definitely feels like Spring here! I guess because I live fairly close to you.. haha. I'm so glad winter is almost over!

PS. That wrap and stir-fry.. amazing. I want them. Now.

Anonymous said... [reply]

Yum, the wrap looks so crispy. I keep meaning to make a fruit wrap, but I keep forgetting to pick up tortillas. Slacker.

Sara @ Nourish and Flourish said... [reply]

Oh goodness, Kelsey...that banana PB wrap looks so tasty! I think you've inspired tomorrow's breakfast. Now I just need to get my hands on a George Forman. Hmm.

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