30 May 2011

The Game of Life

Almond Lemon Poppyseed Loaf from Origin Gluten-Free Bakery

It's the same place that made those adorable gluten-free gingerbread men

Almond Paste? mmm

The Best Before label is cut off in the photo, it says May 31st, not 3rd! haha

The loaf was very moist and the portion is extremely generous for under $3

There was just the right amount lemon flavor without being overpowering 

Yes, MORE deer in my yard!

You can't really tell from the photos, but his/her left
back leg is broken, probably from being hit by a car...

He/she kept hobbling around the yard and it was 
heartbreaking to watch! Hopefully he/she recovers

Now here's a strange wrap combination... Cottage 
Cheese, Pear and Cinnamon, on a Brown Rice Tortilla

Topped with a sprinkle of Cayenne Pepper

I pat myself on the back for trying this one, it was creamy, sweet, and filling

Oven Roasted Kabocha Squash and Vegetables

With asparagus, gai lan, leek, and spinach

Lastly, let's talk about The Game of Life...

Not real life, but the board game version - remember this?

I played this a lot growing up but ended up tossing it out because too many 
of the pieces were lost. So when I saw "Life" on sale at Walmart, I totally caved... 

I'm not shy of the fact that i'm always going to be a kid at heart :)

According to the Life Game, I'm an entertainer who makes $60K a year,
married with a child, owns a condo, and retires with $1.7 million... not bad

Questions: Do you still play board games?
Which were your favorites growing up?


Rach said... [reply]

Awww poor deer! That's so sad. I hope s/he heals quickly!

The lemon bread looks so moist and delicious. Mmmm...

Aww, board games are so fun! Glad your life is going to turn out so well for ya, haha! :)

Kristi said... [reply]

I loved teh game Life. When I was younger I tried to make my family have game day with me. I went through and marked each game with a number. So I could tell which order to go into. I think they played 1 game with me.

Goldberry said... [reply]

Oh, what a dear deer! (hah hah hah...) I hope his/her leg heals, poor thing.

Board games! I'm more of a card-game girl but the board variety don't bore me either (look at me with the bad puns today!)... I more like "traditional" games: chess, chinese checkers, mancala.

And though the actual candyland game is a bit too "simplified" even for a silly child like me, I admit I have an ancient copy from the '50s, just cos I love the cute pictures!

Sarena Shasteen - The Non-Dairy Queen said... [reply]

We love scrabble the most, but Monopoly is fun too...however aggressively played here! That lemon poppy seed bread looks so good! YUM!

erica said... [reply]

That bread looks amazing and I am absolutely love the pictures of the deer.


Anonymous said... [reply]

That poor deer! I wish I could help him :(
Omg, I love board games! My favorite is Monopoly :)

Kat said... [reply]

Poor baby!! I hope he/she heals quickly. He/she is so precious! I've never played Life, but one of my favorite growing up was Junior Trivial Pursuit. My daddy and I would stay up so late playing together :)

Holly @ The Runny Egg said... [reply]

Oh that poor deer :(

Lemon poppyseed is one of my favorite flavors for muffins or bread -- and the one you have looks so moist and delicious!

I love board games -- scrabble and monopoly are definitely me favorites.

Eleanor@eatinglikeahorse said... [reply]

I saw that loaf picture and thought straight away "it looks great, shame you can't get gluten-free stuff like that" - what a result that it is!
The wraps look amazing too; wish our GF sections had that sort of thing... :-)
Poor deer too; that must have been horrible. Hopefully if it could still get around, it might recover...
Thank you for commenting on my blog; Wordpress marked it as spam which is why I've only just seen it!

GF Gidget said... [reply]

We play a mean game of Monopoly & Scrabble around here! We are SERIOUS about our board games! hahaha
- That PoppySeed bread would be gone in .5 seconds around me.
- I haven't had Kabocha Squash in a long time... too long!

Jess said... [reply]

I adore poppyseed things--YUM! And I love the game of life, too!!

Kelsey said... [reply]

That loaf looks great! You always have the best finds.
And yes, I love boardgames! My friend picked up a wacky one called Quelf, and it's absolutely nutty and fun and great to play with friends.

Anonymous said... [reply]

I'm eating my breakfast right now. It is good but now I wish I could trade it for a piece of lemon poppyseed cake. It looks sooo scrumptious!

And I would love to play board games with somebody. Anybody? No, I can't play on my own :/

Emily said... [reply]

that is a giant deer! his/her coat also looks a lot different..more coarse than the deer i usually see.
i used to love playing board games, particularly life and monopoly. now, my fave is scrabble. :)

LeQuan said... [reply]

Poor deer!!! That is totally heartbreaking! Hope he/she gets better soon. I used to love the game of life. Nowadays it's more taboo and pictionary.

Miri Leigh said... [reply]

Wonderful pictures! Thanks for sharing :)

Sara @ Nourish and Flourish said... [reply]

LIFE has always been my favorite board game! When I was little, I marked the backs of the cards with colored dots so that I could get the the prettiest house and highest salary!

I'm jealous of your almond poppyseed loaf...It looks so moist and scrumptious! I wish there were more gluten free bakeries in DC!

Anonymous said... [reply]

That poor deer, I hope it heals up quickly :( And yes, I still love a good board game every now and again. Sometimes we have game night and break out the Cranium and Taboo. The Boyfriend also likes me to kick his butt at Scrabble as well ;)

Anonymous said... [reply]

poor little deer! it looks so sweet. i've always been jealous of the wildlife activity in your yard! i live in an urban area in the US and don't get to see too many critters :(

LOVED the game of life growing up.. who am i kidding, i still love it! life and monopoly were always my favorites, although monopoly can go on FOREVER!

i've noticed recently that you haven't been posting as many pics of yourself on the blog.. any reason for the change? while i adore seeing all your yummy foodie creations (of course!) i'd love to see more of your smiling face as well :)

hope you're doing well girlie! xo

Mary @Delightful Bitefuls said... [reply]

That loaf looks sooo moist and tasty! I'm going to have to figure out how to bake that!

New to your blog; happy I found you!

Mary xo
Delightful Bitefuls

A said... [reply]

I definitely loved Life...and Pretty Pretty Princess! I always wanted to get the crown!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

I love playing board games!!! The hubby and I sometimes get together with friends for game nights. I love Malarky, Scategories, BANG!, and Pictionary ... and many others!

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