31 May 2011

Santé Gluten Free Café

Santé Gluten Free Café recently opened up in Victoria

...and I rushed down to check it out!

Come inside, let's take a tour together :)

The atmosphere is both classy and laid back, with European influence and elegant charm

The menu is 100% Gluten Free with Vegetarian and Vegan options

They carry an assortment of quiches, salads, soups, sandwiches, coffee 
and warm beverages, smoothies, wraps, daily pizzas, hearty hot plates...

And delicious desserts of course; Loaves, squares, and chocolate glazed doughnuts!!!

If you have a specific dietary request, they will gladly customize your order

The prices are quite reasonable as well

Santé is the first and only 100% Gluten Free Café in Victoria

Love. Laugh. Live.

I didn't have time to stay, so I took my food to go

What did I order?

I ordered their Grilled Chicken Wrap with a side salad

It tasted like a wrap version of pizza! YUMMY!

Roasted red peppers in a sweet marinara sauce with cheese

There were even some beans tucked in there too :)

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Jess said... [reply]

That wrap looks SO flippin' good!! That cafe seems adorable, too.

Yuki said... [reply]

wow! i didnt know a new cafe opened on quadra... i must check out this place asap!!
the dessert on fb looks really good too.

Missy said... [reply]

I think they need some of your muffins in their offerings! Sell it girl!

Holly @ The Runny Egg said... [reply]

What a cute place! I love how it is decorated.

Anonymous said... [reply]

Thank you for visiting and your great feedback, Kelsey. Your amazing pics really captured the spirit of "Sante"!
thank you! love your blog!

Sante Gluten-Free Cafe

Bex said... [reply]

This looks amazing!

Lucie - A Taste Of Vogue said... [reply]

I love that you guys have gluten free cafes (you should see the gluten free isle in the supermarkets here, its about the size of the palm of my hand!). And the salad selection on the menu looks so good! Most people here haven't even heard of quinoa! x

Emily said... [reply]

love the cafe decor and that everything is gluten free! that sounds pretty amazing. :)

Chelsea said... [reply]

I love the Paris themed decor! It looks like such a cozy place to grab a bite with a friend. :)

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons said... [reply]

That looks AWESOME!!!! I wish there were GF places back home so my lil bro could eat there! My mom is always cheating on his IMPORTANT diet (hes celiac and lac intol) b/c she wants to eat out. I get so fursterated trying to scope out restaurant dishes he can have... and she wont order him a salad for some reason? ugh! sorry! venting

love you like woah! save me a bite!

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Kristie said... [reply]

That wrap looks insanely good! As does everything about that cafe, what a cute little place with an awesome menu. I wish I could come and have lunch with you right now! :)

Red Deception said... [reply]

The menu looks tempting. I want a tuna melt!

elk said... [reply]

That last photo makes me giggle a little bit - it looks like the wrap is sticking it's tongue (the bean) out at you :P

I could do with a cafe like that right now for a tea break! Not that I'm gluten free, but it looks so lovely and I love the idea :D

Jenny said... [reply]

Wow that wrap looks delicious :D

GF Gidget said... [reply]

Sante looks and sounds amazing! We have a GF Cafe here in Tampa called Viitals!

Alexa @ SimpleEats said... [reply]

Looks awesome! That wrap is making my mouth water

Kath (My Funny Little Life) said... [reply]

What a lovely place! I wish we had a café like that over here!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

My city is not progressive enough to have a gluten free cafe - ha, I wish!

Marianne (frenchfriestoflaxseeds) said... [reply]

Oooh, I totally know where that is - in my old hood! Wait...did that used to be Naanwich?

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