14 August 2011

Soft Boiled Eggs and Toast

Sun-illuminated Breakfast of Soft Boiled Eggs and Toast

1 large soft-boiled organic egg with 2 slices of toasted organic whole wheat bread

Soft-boiled eggs aren't my favourite, but they are fairly hassle-
free and are a nice change to the usual scrambled eggs I make

The toast was buttered with Earth Balance Mediterranean buttery flavour spread

Question: If you eat eggs, what is 
your favourite method of preparing them? 
ie. scrambled, poached, fried, soft-boiled, hard-boiled etc.


Anonymous said... [reply]

oooooo yes PLEASE! looovve soft boiled eggs. I also love poached and over easy, basically anything with a runny yolk. :)

Lisa Fine said... [reply]

I love the lighting in these photos! :)

I'll eat eggs cooked just about any way, but at home I usually make hard boiled or fried eggs, and when I'm out I order them poached or scrambled. Gotta get variety.

Kristen @ notsodomesticated said... [reply]

Scrambled ... because it's the only way I know how to make them! :P

Amanda @ .running with spoons. said... [reply]

I go through phases with eggs, and right now I'm definitely loving them. I've been eating them softboiled lately, but sometimes nothing satisfies like a good fried egg :D Hope you're having a beautiful Sunday, girlie <3

Sarah Lienard said... [reply]

That looks like a lovely simple, nourishing breakfast to wake up to! I love all kinds of eggs... scrambled, poached or omelettes are my favourites. The most hastle-free way I make them is to crack them into ramekins and microwave them, takes about 30 seconds and leaves no washing up, for when I'm feeling extremely extremely lazy :)

Sarena Shasteen - The Non-Dairy Queen said... [reply]

Over easy! I love them! That looks like a perfect feast to me! Have a great day Kelsey!

Anonymous said... [reply]

I love all eggs, but my fav would be as an omelet!

Julia said... [reply]

I don't eat eggs very often, but if I am trying to be healthy I will make an omelet and if I don't care I will fry an egg in bacon grease...with a side of bacon of course!

Goldberry said... [reply]

I'm an egg fiend. I could probably eat them every meal, but since the only ones I'll buy are from the farm where I work (cos I can see for myself that those chickens are raised with love!), that would be too expensive... once I'm out of college I'll have my own chickens (and a degree in agriculture!) so it won't be an issue.

My favorite eggs? Soft-boiled... so your breakfast looks like perfection.

Anonymous said... [reply]

Though I've ventured out recently to other forms of preparation, I still love my classic soft scrambled eggs. Love the photos!

Ayla said... [reply]

I hardly ever eat eggs but my absolute favorite way to eat them use to be scrambled. Although I wasn't picky when it came to eggs and usually liked them no matter how they were prepared. Your breakfast kind of makes me want eggs and toast now!

Carol said... [reply]

I love all eggs...but my vote is for the hard boiled today and that is because I can take it with me when I'm on the run!

Anonymous said... [reply]

I love me some eggs. The best way to have 'em though is fried with a drippy yolk. Oh yum :D

J3nn (Jenn's Menu and Lifestyle Blog) said... [reply]

I love eggs over-easy, but I might have a scramble today. :)

Susan said... [reply]

Eggs are one of my all-time favorites! I love them over-easy, poached, and hard boiled. Not scrambled though!

Lauren said... [reply]

I love eggs anyway really, but sunny side up are my favourite :)

MegSmith @ Cooking.In.College said... [reply]

I love your egg holder!!! My favorite way to have eggs is definitely over medium. I have to have buttered toast to dip in the yolks too :-)

Kat @ Cupcake Kat said... [reply]

When I have eggs I like having them poached or made as an omelette

Chelsea said... [reply]

I like mine scrambled. I'm actually eating them that way right now!

Emma said... [reply]

I like them fried, but I may be in the minority that I don't really like runny yolks! I do like them to be soft ad tender though, hard yolks are kind of eww. I usually don't have boiled eggs, although I've always dug egg cups. Maybe I need to have more boiled eggs!

Missy said... [reply]

When I am making them I like them poached in my microwave thingy-- cause I am lazy.

Meredith said... [reply]

I just found your blog! I love the name of it :) I usually like mine scrambled, but I love soft boiled too (but i always forget that I like soft boiled and never make them).

LyddieGal said... [reply]

I love my eggs poached, it's the only way i get them if i'm eating out!

At home though, I'll make them fried, scrambled, in an omelet, hard boiled...
yep. i love eggs.

Chic on the Cheap

Jamie @ snacktress said... [reply]

Oh my, I haven't had soft boiled eggs in AGES! My mom always used to make them like that for me when I was little.

I like 'em fried or in an omelette. I'm a toast dipper...hoorah for runny yolks!

Samantha said... [reply]

When I did eat eggs, my favourite way was the way my mom would prepare them. I'm not sure the name, but they were definitely fried, the yolk wasn't runny, and the edges were crispy, crispy, crispy while the rest of the egg remained buttery soft! (Does that make sense? haha)


Lauren said... [reply]

Love the egg cup in your photos, looks so special I scramble a lot, hard boil for work. I'll do a frittata too. I have never soft boiled though...

Anonymous said... [reply]

oh what a fabulous breakfast! it kind of reminds me of a spa vacation :) i like hardboiled-in fact I eat them quite a bit right now and then my husband makes a mean poached egg.

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said... [reply]

I've never had a soft-boiled egg. What is the consitency like? I like my eggs fried sunny side up with the yolk cooked through. Or hard-boiled in egg salad. :)

Kara said... [reply]

I'm a huge fan of poached eggs - but they have to be "real" poached eggs! You know, broken and boiled in water with a little bit of vinegar? Amazing!

But - Right after reading this I had to make some soft boiled eggs of my own, complete with toast cut into strips to dip in the yolk! Thanks for the food-spiration!

Anonymous said... [reply]

I personally LOVE soft-boiled eggs!
Add a little salt, and... HOLY YUM! Delicious-ness awaits ;)

Alexa @ SimpleEats said... [reply]

I love over easy and hardboiled! yum!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Me and egg have a funny relationship; I adore poached egg and soft-boiled egg, quite like scrambled and fried but I'm not a big fan of hard-boiled and omelette just makes me want to retch!
Really craving dippy egg and soldiers now, might have to have some tomorrow :-)

Suzi @ confessions of a fitness instructor said... [reply]

I've never had a soft boiled (or hard boiled) egg! My fav way is over easy, but lately I've been thinking about giving a poached egg a try...

Anonymous said... [reply]

Hands down, scrambled!

Rasha @ PBAddiction said... [reply]

I usually like scrambled eggs or omelets. Also don't mind hard-boiled. I don't think I've ever had soft boiled eggs before!

Sarah B @ Bake + Bike said... [reply]

Yumm one of the most comforting breakfasts! I used to dip toast in soft-boiled egg as a kid (my British nanny's idea!).

I think my favourite way is scrambled with green onions.

Made in Sonoma said... [reply]

That looks really yummy!
I love poached eggs!

Anonymous said... [reply]

I love eggs most any way...but I think over easy is my favorite with some kind of bread to dip into it :)

Monet said... [reply]

I love scrambled...but your photos are making me crave soft! Thank you so much for sharing with me, my sweet friend. I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday. I'm starting out strong with an egg sandwich (perfect!) and a big cup of coffee :-) Much love from Austin!

Yolie @ Practising Wellness said... [reply]

Mmm...that breakfast looks absolutely delicious...simple is sometimes the very best :-) when i eat eggs (i prefer duck eggs to chicken) i love them over easy, or poached. Yum! <3 xyx

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

I love eggs cooked any way, especially if they have a runny yolk. I have never had a soft boiled egg! I feel like I am missing out!

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