01 September 2011

My Mother is a Muffin Hoarder

Just as alcoholics use shopping carts to stock up on alcohol, you know
you have a problem when you need a  bakery bag to stock up on muffins!

Ever since I came home from Vancouver with these groceries from 
Whole Foods Market, my mom has been finding any excuse she can 
to travel to Vancouver to hit up the Whole Foods Bakery Department

Whole Foods Bakery Bag, "Bread, Pies & Pastries" ...
 "Cookie, Cakes & Tarts" and not to mention, "Muffins!"

I piled the evidence on the plate, although I couldn't find a plate big
 enough! "What the hell does she have in this bag! The whole bakery?"

Mom I love you, but this has CROSSED THE LINE!!! haha

There were 9 muffins in total, 5 of them being Chocolate Espresso Muffins

Most people would say this is excessive, and it is.
 But as you may recall, we're a family of muffin addicts 

A couple of Ziploc Bags of the Espresso Chocolate Muffins

And these next two muffins are gluten free...

Banana Rice and Ginger Rice Muffins

The Ginger Muffin broke and crumbled a bit in the bag :(

Spelt Power Muffins, my favourite

Oh, and I found out that yes, they have chocolate chunks inside!

Before you assume my mom has a problem, know that these aren't all
for her. She loves sharing; As muffin addicts, we enable each other ;)

My mom also bought a few other treats for us to
 share, like these Carob Energy Bites I posted here

Gluten free, sweet, chewy, and filled with crunchy nuts and seeds

And I saved the best for last...

Because my mom knows how much I love those
Power Muffins, she brought home Power Cookies!

Organic Spelt Flour, Chocolate, Quick Oats, Soymilk, Canola Oil, Organic Raisins, 
Organic Sugar, Organic Hempnut Seeds, Organic Sunflower Seeds, Organic Pumpkin 
Seeds, Organic Flax Seeds, Water, Molasses, Sea Salt, Cinnamon and Non-Stick Spray

Two, one for each of us :)

I even like these Power Cookies better than the Power Muffins!

The cookies have more chocolate chunks :)

Because I love to create my own recipes by following the ingredient list, I
am going to do what I did here and try to re-create these cookies at home

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Anonymous said... [reply]

Well, hey, that looks kind of familiar... guess I'm a muffin hoarder too! ;)

<3 <3

Lauren said... [reply]

Wow, I wish my parents were cool muffin hoarders as well!! So jealous of all that loot. The power cookies sound great :)

Danielle said... [reply]

I don't think muffin hoarding is a bad thing. ;) And that cookie looks full of amazingness!

Tessa @ Amazing Asset said... [reply]

Wow look at that loot you have! Rather jealous :)

Chelsea said... [reply]

Haha your mom is awesome! And I'm totally drooling over those cookies! I wonder how hard they'd be to recreate...

Kelly | Eat Yourself Skinny said... [reply]

Oh yummy! Nothing wrong with being a muffin hoarder, I'm jealous!! Don't' you just love Whole Foods?! :)

Tara said... [reply]

Well I think I would fit right in with your family. But would you believe it if I told you I've never tried a whole foods muffin? I'm starting to think this could be a problem. I might start hoarding their muffins once I do..

Anonymous said... [reply]

Yum! Those muffins look delicious! :D

Anonymous said... [reply]

That's hilarious! I'm totally like that though with other things. If there is something I love, I will buy TONNES and stock up so I don't run out :)

Ayla said... [reply]

Yes!! Please recreate those cookies, I love them. Whole Foods is the bees knees. Haha. I can easily seeing myself going and doing the same thing as your mom. No shame. ;)

Lisa (bakebikeblog) said... [reply]

hah athat sure is MUFFIN MANIA!!! LOve it!

Jillian said... [reply]

Those all look fantastic!

Anonymous said... [reply]

I don't think muffin hoarding is a problem! haha All of those things look deeeelish :D

Rachel said... [reply]

All those gluten-free goodies... Oh my gosh! I would die!! Looks so yummy!

Anonymous said... [reply]

this post made me laugh so hard! i was in the middle of a business meeting with my website developer, and he laughed hysterically, too! well done, light entry! those power cookies look scrumptious, too, btw! i haven't looked at the ingredients yet, but if they're vegan, i'll have my bottom at whole foods this weekend! thanks for a lovely post! :) ~ http://www.nicoleandgwendolyn.com

Kat @ Cupcake Kat said... [reply]

I am craving muffins now. I love muffins but I am not a muffin hoarder... yet

Kris | iheartwellness.com said... [reply]

I think I love your mom!!! HAHAH, how rad is this?!

I love muffins and nothing beats a good whole foods muffin!!!

How are these little squares?


Tine said... [reply]

Those power cookies look divine!

Anonymous said... [reply]

I'm not huge on muffins, but cookies definitely ring my bell! Those look delish! I should bake cookies this weekend.

Anonymous said... [reply]

Those muffins! Those cookies! Well, I now know where to come for baked goods YUM!! :D

Anonymous said... [reply]

In my mind and in my heart, I have already moved back to Vancouver where I can feast on one of those bad boys EVER SINGLE DAY, haha. I wonder how long 'til they set up shop in Kelonwa!

Anonymous said... [reply]

I want a power cookie! Oooh, sounds so good

Anonymous said... [reply]

wow, that bag should be nick named the treasure box. have fun diving in!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Awesomeness. Your mom knows whats good! I will have to head out to Whole Foods and pick up a few of those power cookies. YUM YUM! Enjoy

btw Thanks 4 being my 1st blog commenter! hehe

Anonymous said... [reply]

Your blog ALWAYS makes me hungry!



Anonymous said... [reply]

What was your consensus on the cookies? I'm anxious to see a recipe -- they are tempting!



Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

Hahaha - you are a MUFFIN family :-)

Nooschi said... [reply]

Holy smokes that's alot of muffins!! Those cookies look reallllll good.

Krista said... [reply]

Your Mom is So cute!

Marianne (frenchfriestoflaxseeds) said... [reply]

This is hilarious! Muffins addicts is right - I can't believe she looks for excuses to head over here just to get muffins. You had better get to recreating those espresso chocolate ones, otherwise this will be one rather expensive habit.

Where did she get the carob energy squares? Bulk area? They look interesting, I'd like to give them a try :)

Diana @ VeggieNextDoor said... [reply]

Those power cookies look dangerously good!

I am going to keep my eyes out for those carob chunks next time I am at WFM!

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