02 August 2010

A Family of Muffin Addicts

Another weekend spent biking with Mom and Dad.

I never thought I would grow up to cherish spending time with my parents...

We biked out to Sidney B.C. again, to look at some shops and enjoy some food.

A pretty little Courtyard

Haha. Leave it to me to find naked statues. "Hey, I have boobies too, right?" ...

The Fresh Cup and Roastery Cafe

Seriously the first time i've heard of "Gelato Affogato"
... Espresso OVER Gelato!!! Anyone have this before?

My Mom and Dad both ordered muffins.

I sipped on green tea as I waited for my meal to be served.

My mom ordered an Apple Morning Muffin to enjoy with a tea,
and Dad got a Cranberry Bran Muffin with his coffee.

Can you see where I get my muffin cravings from...

I really dislike Jasmine Tea. But they only had this one and a tropical green to choose from. I think Jasmine tastes too flowery and perfumey!

My food arrived, but it wasen't a muffin!

I ordered a BBQ Beef Panini

BBQ sauce, beef, cheese and spinach... mmm...

I've converted myself into a Panini Lover

Plate Lickin' Good!

Oh and again, no tummy pains from the Wheat :)

Fresh Cup Cafe on Urbanspoon

Question: Did you eat anything new this weekend?
 What's one thing you haven't tried yet dying to taste?


Anonymous said... [reply]

Cherishing time with your parents is wonderful :D That's so cool that you guys get to bike ride together. Then share an awesome meal! Those muffins look delicious. And I'm so glad that you are able to venture out and try new things without getting a grumpy belly.

Hm... this weekend I baked some French honey-spiced bread. Never had that before, and it was delicious! I also tried mustard greens for the first time on accident lol. I've been dying to try... I can't think of anything right now! hahaha


Sarena Shasteen - The Non-Dairy Queen said... [reply]

No, nothing new, but I enjoyed a perfect brunch with my family! I swear, you kill me with all those muffins! I need some now! I am so glad you enjoy time with your parents. I hope my kids feel the same way later in life! have a great day!

Amy B @ Second City Randomness said... [reply]

I giggled at your "boob" picture. I would have done the same thing, followed by my mom going "Amy! That's not funny!"

I don't think my being flat-chested is funny, either mom...

Anonymous said... [reply]

Ha, I love to spend time with my parents as well :) in fact I could actually imagine going on vacation with them.... *lol* can´t believe, I just wrote that and more so that it´s true.... I love your panini, lookin´really good! Yummers!
Glad your tummy iseems to be comfortable with your wheaty experiment! Hope it will stay that way, as you still have some time to go!

Enjoy your day sweetie :)
xoxo Mel

Nina said... [reply]

I'm so happy somebody else in this world doesn't like the taste of jasmine tea. It seems like all my friends love it but I feel like eating flowers when I'm drinking it. I like these interesting shapes of canadian muffins, they remind me of ufo which I love :)

Meg said... [reply]

I love family time, and naked statues, holla! Haha! You're beautiful, girl, and so are your adventures! That restaurant looks cute, and I LOVE paninis and muffins! I haven't tried anything "new" this weekend, maybe next weekend - gelato sounds delicious...with espresso? Extra delicious.

Your best advice said... [reply]

muffins look great...family is important

alex said... [reply]

muffins scare me calorie wise...I really hope I can get over that someday...they do look just amazingly good :D

j3nn.net said... [reply]

Well, after seeing that panini, I'm dying to try THAT! That looks deeeelish! Yum :) I have a list of things I'd like to try that's a mile long, maybe longer, lol.


Joy | The life of Joy said... [reply]

Looks like a lovely day! You're such a sweet lovely gorgeous girl! x

Amanda @ . seek . said... [reply]

The older I get, the more I enjoy spending time with my family as well. I used to be out of the house every night, and I'd see my parents for 1 or 2 hours a day at most... I didn't really care back then, because I was somewhat of a rebellious teenager, but now I start to miss them if they're not around. That's so sweet that the muffin addiction runs in the family, though. Love it :)

Anonymous said... [reply]

You are so lucky to have this lovely family.
Your panini was unbelievable :)

This weekend I ate-drunk a fantastic berry sorbet. Yum it was so refreshing

Chelsea said... [reply]

Lately I've been enjoying spending time with my parents too. Growing up is funny, isn't it? :P

That cafe looks so lovely, although I'm shocked you didn't get a muffin hehe! I'm a panini lover too - especially with lots of gooey cheese!

Hmm I've never tried Chobani yogurt and I am dying to get my hands on some!

Laury@TheFitnessDish said... [reply]

I adore the title of this post, it just says it all :-)

i totally have that SAME exact tea!!! I agree about the Jasmine, I have a variety pack of the mighty leaf..I usually do my loose teas from Teavana..but bought this to stuff in baskets for client gifts last X-Mas...had a littel left over...I used it...I don't mind too it too flowery...I like it flavored, but prefer the fruity flowery flavors, as opposed to just flowery, if that makes sense?

Alex (spoonful of sugar free) said... [reply]

Oh I'm so glad your not having any troubles with wheat yet!! ANd I am a panini lover too!!!

Oh gosh, kelsey, there are soooo many things I want to try! I really want to go all over the world and taste ethnic cuisines! But I've wanted to try kale for a while....

Anonymous said... [reply]

Love that you enjoy spending time with your rents! My daughter and I watched a movie (we think Sunday mornings will be a Mom Movie Morning) and then went ot a thrift store - one of our favorite things to do!

I think I am the last food blogger on earth that has not tried a green monster!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Aww I think it is so wonderful that you spend so much time with your parents! I actually spend quite a bit of time with my parents as well. I lived with my mom when I was growing up, and ironically, I probably spend more time with her now than I did when I was living with her. I was really different when I was younger...I went out a lot and was rarely home. Now I get together with her and we do a lot of things together. I usually see my dad about once a week. I'm pretty close to both of them. I think that family is so important, and that we are lucky to have a relationship with them. Some people don't get along with their families at all, or don't even speak to them, so I really value my time with my family.
I actually did eat something new this weekend! I combined mashed avocado with raw cacao powder and a few drops of stevia. It was like chocolate pudding, but it had more of a frosting texture. Anyway, it was amazing. I loved it and it was so simple. You could also use regular cocoa powder or carob, and use sugar or another sweetener instead of stevia and I think it would still be amazing. I know it sounds kind of weird, but it really does taste like dessert.

Tina said... [reply]

I love spending time with my mom. There is something special about that closeness. :)

I'm cracking up at the naked statue and you. Love it!!! I also love that panini. BBQ beef sounds right up my alley right now. Yum!

Kristy Sayer-Jones @ Southern In Law said... [reply]

I love spending time with my mum and dad - my younger sister couldn't possibly understand it. But my mum is my best friend, I love her to pieces - she's also my business partner :)

Yay for no tummy pains!

I'm dying to try macadamia nut butter and just about every flavour of peanut butter available :P
Oh and today I'm planning on re-trying Bell Peppers because I realised that I can't even remember if I don't like them or not, I think i've just convinced myself I don't.

Anonymous said... [reply]

Love that you hang out w/ your 'rents! And really, I did think you were talking about a pregnancy test & false neg/pos. Oopsie. Guess I should have read further. I did though! :) I'm glad you are hanging in there and no pains!

Ellen@FirednFabulous said... [reply]

Mmmm muffins. Your panini looks yummy, too! And nope, didn't have any new, adventurous eats this weekend. Although, I NEED to start baking. My bf's mom is staying with me next week and I need to impress her with my domestic skills!

Artemis said... [reply]

Haha "I have boobies too."

My new eat this weekend was rib roast pork. Pork is not exactly a new food, but it's not something I normally include in my diet. It was good - in a small portion!

meg @ The Gluten-Free Ginger said... [reply]

MMm panini and muffins!
I also love hanging out with my parents! We usually watch movies or cook together, but I would love it if they'd go biking with me! We're going on a family vacation next week and I'm actually really excited, haha.

Lisa (bakebikeblog) said... [reply]

Seriously - I love that you go riding with your parents! I am trying to convince my dad to do a mini triathlon with me!!!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Sounds like such a fun day. It's great that you and your parents like some of the same things.

I didn't try any new foods, but I did buy something I hadn't purchased in ages: feta cheese. I tend to stick to the same cheeses, like cheddar, swiss, and goat cheese, so I was pleased to go back to an old favorite.

Unknown said... [reply]

oh too fun! I wish our weather was cool enough to sit outside and eat breakfast. right now its 90 degrees by 10am. EEK!

I agree with you on Jasmine tea, too flowery!

Anonymous said... [reply]

what a cute looking cafe! and your dad's muffin looks perfect!!!!!!

i agree, time with the fam is super nice. i never would have thought i'd being saying that when i was 14!

Jessica (Healthy Exposures) said... [reply]

love that you cherish time with your parents :) and they have very good taste in food - those muffins look amazing, especially that cranberry bran. Gotta say, though - i think i'd have gone for espresso over gelato :P That sounds amazing.
What new DID I try this weekend?! hmmm. Oh! I baked new muffins, ironically enough!

Samantha said... [reply]

Your dad's muffin looks fantastic. I've been trying some new recipes at home--trying to break out of the make the same ole thing!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Well after seeing this post, one thing I would love to try would be espressor over gelato! And I love paninis. It looks like you live in a beautiful area.

I tried a new restaurant this weekend, but not necessarily new foods. It was an Indian restaurant... I tried garbanzo bean curry, which was pretty good.

wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas said... [reply]

Who knew that parents could be so great? As a kid, I sure didn't...but now they are my favorite people in the world!

LOVE your boobies picture! Did you know it's World Breastfeeding Week? GO Boobies!

Espresso over gelato? That's a beautiful thought. I haven't tried anything new in a while. New recipes, but not totally new foods. I'll have to fix that.

Monet said... [reply]

I am so happy you were able to spend time with your sweet parents. You are so lucky to have them in your life...they seem wonderful (just like you!). And I loved the boobies picture. You are too cute! I have heard about pouring espresso over ice cream and it sounds so rich and divine. Yum!

Anonymous said... [reply]

That espresso concoction you mentioned reminds me of when I was young and the only way I like my coffee was poured over my ice cream. Vanilla and Mocha Almond fudge are ideal. And I absolutely detest jasmine tea as well.

Jackie (Peaces of Earth) said... [reply]

yay!! I can comment! :) I'm glad you're not getting tummy pains from the wheat!

I bought chocolate mint for the first time this weekend and put it into my chocolate banana green smoothie this morning and it was absolutely amazing. I kept ooohing and ahhhing! I also bought baby artichokes and can't wait to cook them up!

Madeline - Greens and Jeans said... [reply]

I love the Mighty Leaf tropical green tea! Try it next time!

Lauren said... [reply]

Looks like we both did some biking this week :) I LOVE muffins AND paninis!

Averie @ Averie Cooks said... [reply]

I havent tried winning the lottery yet, but I am dying to taste it, espi considering my car situation LOL

and skylar WAS in the car with me...thank you for your concern, you are such a doll!!! we are fine, just broke$ :)

I hope when skylar grows up she will want to spend time w/ me like you do w/ your parents...that is sooooo sweet!!!

Tatianna said... [reply]

I think it's so wonderful that you like to spend time with your parents... I am the exact same way, although I wish that they liked to be active like me so that we could go biking and stuff. My mom and I walk the beach all the time which is awesome... but there's no food so I'm usually starving halfway through.. hehe!!

I do see where your muffin cravings come from... those look awesome!! As does the panini :) I haven't eaten anything new this weekend, but I did eat rye bread which I haven't had in a LONG time and I forgot how good it was!! Yum yum.

<3 Tat

Erica said... [reply]

Hoooooray for no tummy pains! I'm thrilled to hear it. The picture of you next to the statue totally cracked me up. Yummy eats. Love a good brunch out (obviously).

alex said... [reply]

your blog is my favorite! I'll never delete it! ....As long as you keep posting those deliciously looking muffins ;)

Justin Dupre said... [reply]

What a great way to spend time with your parents. I think it's funny what you said about Jasmine Tea lol... nice pics!

Katie @ Health for the Whole Self said... [reply]

I think that panini AND those muffins look delicious!!! I had falafel this weekend, which wasn't new but sort of felt like it because I haven't had it in ages.

Anonymous said... [reply]

I wish I had the guts to order a BBQ beef panini - I want to be that girl. :)

Katie ♥ said... [reply]

Its great you spend time with your parents like that, I love that about you!

Love you muffinhead!!! lol!!! SO cute!

I have not tried anything new , but hoping to , lol!

I am glad that you are doing well with the gluten experiment, and those weeks will fy by!

Love u girl! Have a great day!!!!

Steph (@MediterraneanMiss) said... [reply]

Sounds like an amazing weekend!
Love the picture of you with the statue - made me laugh out loud for real, hahaha!
I haven't tried anything new new in a little while (shame!) so I'm going to have to get my booty in gear on that one. I know I've been dying to try Barney butter for the -longest- time, though.

Evan @swEEts said... [reply]

I've been sitting here going back and forth.. to bake muffins for breakfast or not.. and this post just pushed me over the edge :) I'm a muffin addict too! Looks like you're having a great time!

Anonymous said... [reply]

I ate a Vincent Burger at the MN Twins ballpark -- it was a beef burger with pulled pork and gouda cheese stuffed inside. It was the most wonderful burger I have ever had!

Emily said... [reply]

Looks like such a fun bike ride and lunch with your parents. I've only been to Canada once, but I really enjoyed it...so beautiful!

I bought an eggplant the other day, and I'm excited to make it into baba ganoush. :-)

Karin said... [reply]

Good to hear that you like hanging out with your folks too! My parents became two of my closest friends which is a bit weird to some people but I love the fact that we're so close.
Naked statue= priceless. ;)

lynn said... [reply]

i love how my relationship with my folks has evolved over the years. i used to not be able to stand them!!!

i also dislike jasmin. but it always sounds so good!

Michelle @ Give Me the Almond Butter said... [reply]

Yummm my mouth is watering over the panini!

We Are Not Martha said... [reply]

I love paninis and that one looks absolutely fabulous! I agree with you on the jasmine tea... I'll drink it but don't love it.

Now I really, really want to try that espresso over gelato!


Kelsey said... [reply]

Looks like a lovely weekend. I;m so jealous of people who live in places where you can actually be outside in the summer. Of course, I bet you'll be wishing you lived in Phoenix in February!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Yummm I love muffins! Something I want to try but haven't yet... hmm. Brussels sprouts! Is that lame?? I haven't had any before!

Ashlei said... [reply]

Jealous of your no tummy pains from the wheat! THe muffin and panini look so good!

Love the photo of you with the statue ;) lol

Angela (the diet book junkie) said... [reply]

i think muffins are my favourite food group, i eat them every day (it's a serious addiction.) looks like you had a great weekend! i've never been to Vancouver Island but hear it's really beautiful.

new food...hmmm...can't think of anything. but we're going out tonight! perhaps that shall be my goal :)

Rebekah (clarity in creation.) said... [reply]

i'm so glad wheat seems ok!!!

i find that the less processed i eat my wheat (bulgur instead of, say, a piece of toast) that it bugs me less! the more processed it is, the more gluten is enacted.

you look beautiful, by the way :)

Krista said... [reply]

Sidney looks beautiful! And I've come to appreciate my parents friendship now that the "parenting" part of their job is over! LOL

lequan@luvtoeat said... [reply]

Hey Kelsey, I love that you like spending time with your parents. It's so true that as we grow older we start to appreciate them more and more. I love spending time with my parents too. But they're usually too busy for me. The only real time we spend together is mainly having big family meals together. Is it wierd that my parents have more of a life than me? Lol. I even try to leech up to my in-laws sometimes. Haha. Ok I better shut up before I sound like any more of a loser.

Yay on no tummy pains! Glad to hear that Kelsey!

I've never tried monk fish and have always wanted to ever since I heard them being referred to as poor man's lobster. Yeah, I'm cheap like that :-)

Katie said... [reply]

I tried the new Larabars and LOVED the cookie dough!

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