15 November 2011

Squash Hoarding

It's an easy guess as to what groceries I bought from The Rootcellar. 
Here's a big hint: It's the same thing I got last time, which I posted here

Confessions of a Kabocha Squash Hoarder

5 Kabocha Winter Squashes soaking up the sunshine

They were actually much smaller than I normally 
buy them, so it only made sense to get more than one!

9.86 lb @ $0.99/ lb = $9.76

The hardest decision is choosing whether to cut the squash into cubes
before roasting or simply cut them in half before baking, like this 

When in doubt I cut them into bite-sized cubes... because finger food is fun :)

I used a bunch of different spices and herbs, along with dulse seaweed

You can find the full recipe here

After baking/roasting in the oven, I drizzle on a bunch of different mustards

I would eat this everyday if I could, but then again, my 
skin would turn yellow and I'd look like Lisa Simpson!

Oh and tucked underneath is a bunch of different 
vegetables like broccoli, kale, spinach and onion


Jessica said... [reply]

Oh my God, I am so jealous. If I could locate kabocha squash in any quantity I would buy every single one there, and I wouldn't care if it turned me the colour of Lisa Simpson! I could seriously eat that entire tray of squash right off the screen.

Ooh, it's so cruel when I can't find even one Kabocha - curse the UK!


Stefanie said... [reply]

I was sad when my Whole Foods ran out of Kabocha. It was one of the reasons I went there. When I find them, I buy in large quantities like you did. They are so good. A little orange/yellow skin is ok with me if it involves yummy squash. :)

Unknown said... [reply]

I eat so much kabocha it's awesome. I'm way more of a coconut and cinnamon guy though. Just made a couple pounder!!

Alexa @ Simple Eats said... [reply]

You're a squash-o-holic! Ain't nothin' wrong with that!

Monet said... [reply]

Only you, my dear, can make simple squash look this delicious. I always look forward to the fall months on your blog. You make me want to eat squash! Thank you for sharing another delightfully delicious post. I hope you are having a blessed week. Love from Austin.

Jera said... [reply]

err.....ummm.....I am kinda orange colored (*yellow blush*) You initially inspired me to eat tons of squash, and I'm a total gonner ;).

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

You eat more squash than anyone I know! I love it :-)

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