03 December 2011

Bad Boss Voodoo Doll

A Voodoo Doll aimed towards horrible bosses, 
now that's something I figure most people can use!

Only $2.99 at Value Village, I had to buy it for the cheap laugh

Includes: One Voodoo Doll with 25 annoying boss habits and 10 pins

How to Use: Whenever you feel your boss is being a jerk or taking 
you for granted, use one of the pins to put him (or her) back in line. Stick 
the pin into the activity that you want your boss to do, and instantly he
will become the appreciative and respectful person you expect him to be

The front body

"NO! I don't like your idea" and "Listen to my proposal" and "Shut up!"

"Give ME the credit for MY work" and "Pay for my lunch"

"Tell me you love my contributions" 

"Get your own dang coffee!"

"Appreciate my hard work" and "No! You clean
the bathroom" and "Don't be a sleeze-ball"

"Give me a raise" and "Fire the office moron!" 
and "Go get your own anniversary gift!"

The back side

"Don't even think about replacing me!" and "Don't talk down to me!"

"Say please you @#!@%#! jerk!" and "NO! You clean up!"

"Keep track of your own freakin' schedule!"

"Your deadline could have happened if we started
 yesterday!!!" and "You know what you are!"

"Happy Hour does not make me happy!" and "Send me home PLEASE!"

"Pick up your own dry cleaning!" and "Run your own errands!"

And if playing with your voodoo doll still doesn't resolve your problems 
with the boss, just stick the pins in their eyes, figuratively speaking of course!


Anonymous said... [reply]

this made me laugh so hard! i worked in corporate america for eight years, and this would have been SO handy! x

Katie said... [reply]

LOL! I needed this 3 years ago, haha! How funny!

I missed you and so glad you popped in twice to say hi today! I wish that contest was open to canada : p

Love you!!

Kim Bee said... [reply]

New follower. So nice to meet a fellow Canuck. I am in Ontario. But my sis lives on Mayne Island. This voodoo doll had me in stitches. SO cute! Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Look forward to getting to know you better. Canadians need to stick together, if for no other reason than to break down the barriers of US ONLY giveaways. Lol!

Living, Learning, Eating said... [reply]

Oh, no! That's awful! :P

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

LOL, that is a great doll :-)

Tessa @ Amazing Asset said... [reply]

Ha oh wow, I could use this doll... especially last year!!

Voodoo said... [reply]

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Unknown said... [reply]

Oh wow!! bad voodoo doll game is wonderful, i enjoyed so much... :)

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