11 May 2012

Drumstick Ice Cream McFlurry

There are a few food habits vices I have that most people do not know 
about me, and although I am not very proud of them, I accept them haha

One of these vices would be my obsessive compulsive fascination with
 trying every new McDonalds McFlurry that they feature per specific season

So when I saw that McDonalds brought out a new Nestle Drumstick 
McFlurry, I didn't hesitate to convince my boyfriend to buy me one :)

My mom always bought a box of Nestle Drumsticks to keep in the freezer for 
when we came home from an exhausting basketball practice or swim meet; The
perfect combination of vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate and peanuts and
scooped into a crunchy chocolate-lined waffle cone. The best part was at the end,
  there'd be almost an inch of solid chocolate at the bottom of the cone, at the point 

The Drumstick McFlurry is made with their usual ice cream base, chunks of
the Nestle Drumstick and some extra chocolate syrup poured on top. Delicious!!! 

Question: What were your favorite 
ice cream treats to eat growing up?


Jessica said... [reply]

See, this post confused me to start with because a Drumstick is something totally different in the UK: http://www.handycandy.co.uk/drumstick-lolly-p-369.html

I was thinking 'eeewww...' and trying to imagine what that would taste like as a McFlurry.

I always loved plain soft serve cones with a Cadbury Flake in them, or Chocolate Nut Cornettos which are precisely 1/10th of the size that they used to be now.


Unknown said... [reply]

I thought ewe, too - thinking it was chicken drumsticks by the title - but no, ice cream drumsticks were the best growing up!! before I knew I was gluten intolerent, I indulged in these tasty treats. I also love just simple frozen fruit yogourt, soft serve, made fresh! yum :)

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

Growing up I loved creamsicles, fudgsicles, and drumsticks.

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