27 May 2012

Salmon and Sweet Potato Satiation

I have found the most filling lunch for myself...

Oven roasted wild salmon with caramelized
 red onions, lemon juice, black pepper and salt...

Paired with steamed broccoli...

And thick wedges of roasted sweet potato, covered in cinnamon

I realize just how important eating protein at lunch is. If I don't 
eat enough protein midday, then I am left starving at dinner time!

Questions: Do you feel better eating more protein? Which
 meal of the day do you tend to consume the most protein?


Anonymous said... [reply]

wow what an amazing lunch!! those sweet potatoes look so good!! thanks for sharing!

Kailey said... [reply]

Salmon will & forever be my most favorite protein source. I love how flaky it is. I must say that is a very delicious lunch :)

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

Salmon is soooooo good! I probably consume the most protein at lunch ... but not sure.

Anonymous said... [reply]

Been following a long time and can't get enough of your charm!



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