28 May 2012

Lilac Festival

Yesterday I hit up the Lilac Festival in Downtown Calgary

Each year, the restaurant district of 4th Street SW 
is closed down for the day to hold this special event

A day kicked off with a parade and followed by 
free entertainment, music, performers, buskers... 

And plenty of food trucks from all over Calgary

Balloon animal "artist"

I believe he made a little dog here...

Performing for the crowd

Belly dancers

Fun inflatable signs

Walking through the crowds

Inspirational cloth wall hangings

Checking out the food trucks

The Happy Truck, "Get HAPPY Here!"

Lot's of tents selling trinkets, clothing, jewelry, etc.

More street views

Cute wallets and coin purses at one of the tents (I 
should have bought the brown guy on the far left!)

An amazing musician/singer

Johnnie Et Les Parias = Johnnie And The Outcasts

The Pita Mascot

More walking...

Separate closed off area for Calgary's New Rock Alternative

Peeking through the fence...

All and all I enjoyed my time at the Lilac Festival. It's definitely a family-friendly 
event and the free music and entertainment was fantastic. Plus the huge variety of 
unique food trucks was a wonderful way to feature the many food styles and cultures!


Anonymous said... [reply]

fun! i love street fairs! thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said... [reply]

The brown guy is Japanese, by the way :)

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

The lilac festival looks fun!! I haven't heard of it before.

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