30 May 2012

Steak and Potatoes

I would absolutely classify myself as a "meat and potatoes kind of girl"

Steak dinners with roasted potatoes/sweet potatoes 
and vegetables on the side, is the perfect meal for me

It also helps when you get a day off work so you have enough
 time on your hands to prepare everything from scratch at home

1 medium (approx. 4 ounce) steak seasoned with chili
 powder, salt & pepper, and cooked with diced red onions

I also roasted 1 large white sweet potato that I liberally garnished with cinnamon

And of course, some steamed broccoli on the side

Questions: Are you a "meat and potatoes girl"? And 
if you don't eat meat, did you used to be in your past?


Anonymous said... [reply]

those potatoes look wonderful! i'm not a "meat and potatoes" girl -- cuz i'm vegan, but i sure do love potatoes!! thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Meat and potatoes queen, all the way, and totally cool with it! I love being able to appreciate different kinds of foods and cuisines, without limitations! I respect and understand the vegetarian thing, it's just not for me. Though I have a passionate love affair for all veggies too.
Love the blog!



N said... [reply]

I've never been a "meat and potatoes" girl. Growing up, my parents were never health conscious, so it was always white potatoes, whatever crummy, mushy canned vegetable, and a huge slab of dried out meat. I never liked beef (except hamburgers), rarely liked pork, and hated fish. Could have been my Mom's cooking though ;P

Lee said... [reply]

Looks good Kelsey! I think u need to twitter too!

Kailey said... [reply]

I've decided that you make broccoli look really really delicious

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