29 November 2014

Saturday "Snowday"

Living on Vancouver Island means getting used to not having much snow, so 
waking up to a small dusting can be quite exciting for some. Ok fine me included!

So I went outside to frolick in the tiniest amount there was

Me in the first "snow" of the year. Nothing like back in February 2011 here or here

Showing off my snackies

My Dad got them from a friend back in late 
October, and I've been munching on them since

I am not a big fan of commercial dried fruit, so homemade is always a must!

Yes, an odd snack to have in colder weather, 
but it's better than eating a raw apple *Brrrrr*

Makes me feel bad for those living in Alberta and anywhere East/North of 
Victoria. Reminds me of when I was visiting my Boyfriend here in Calgary

Well until next time, enjoy your Saturday no matter 
the weather or temperature. Be safe and stay warm!


Unknown said... [reply]

I can' wait for the first snow! :) I think it's always nice walk in the snow, even if it's not a lots of snow! I love dried apple too! :D

Ellie said... [reply]

Ahhh I haven't talked to ya in the longest time! Hope you're doing great, Kelsey~ :D And omgness those Bare Chip Apple pieces are surprisingly rreeeeeealllyyy good. And heyyy that snow is perfect! Not too cold and you still get some snow~as opposed to LA where just the other day it was like the blazing summers we get in August, and now it's super chilly (to Angelenos, that is), hah! Have a blessed weekend girl!

Unknown said... [reply]

I am looking forward to going home to New Jersey for Christmas! They have already had snow there.

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