23 March 2015

Small Simple Suppers and Giveaway Reminder

I've been keeping my dinners simple lately...

Balancing with protein carbs and lack thereof fat
 which I'm making up for with fish oil supplements

I'm finding that eating larger meals during the day and keeping 
dinner small is giving me more energy. Remember THIS when I used to eat
pretty much nothing but sweet potatoes!? (To be precise, I ate SEVEN a day)

Baked Sweet Potato, Roasted Chicken Breast, and Steamed Kale
 and Spinach with Cayenne Pepper is all I need to keep me satisfied

I've come a long way to finding what works for me, 
so small simple suppers is what I'm sticking to for now

My beautiful Camille who I am missing greatly wants to remind you 
that today is the last day to enter my Rice Ramen Noodle Giveaway 

Questions: Do you like eating big or small 
dinners? What's your largest meal of the day?


Unknown said... [reply]

Is there something wrong with eating sweet potatoes at every meal? :) hehehe! Your plate of food looks good, and dinner is my biggest of the day.

Unknown said... [reply]

I could probably eat 7 sweet potatoes a day too -- I love them that much! This looks like the perfect dinner. :)

Gloria Baker said... [reply]

This look absolutely delicious!! I love sweet potatoes!
I love your plate! beautiful!
And.. love your cat, cuteand beauty!

scrambledhenfruit said... [reply]

I felt like I was looking at my dinner I had tonight when I saw your post, except your plate is prettier than mine. :) I had roast chicken, a baked sweet potato, and cresses. I'll have to try the cayenne next time for a little spice. I like to spread my meals throughout the day, with my lighter meal at night. It just works better for me- I think I sleep better too without a heavy meal in the evening. Sweet potatoes are great, though I'm not sure I could eat seven a day! :)

Unknown said... [reply]

I could eat way too many sweet potatoes in one day too! Your dinner looks awesome! My biggest meal is usually breakfast but depending on on the day, it could be dinner sometimes as well.

Kristi @ Inspiration Kitchen said... [reply]

I am all about simple suppers - so keep them coming! I love the looks of this - and such a cute kitty too! I love cats! Oh, and food...I am all about food. :-)

Wendy said... [reply]

The important factor is finding what works for you. Every body is different. After years of different food combinations and meal sizes, I learned that carbs, especially carbs with no nutritional benefits, are what I need to avoid to keep my body optimally happy. I graze throughout the day whenever I am hungry.

Anonymous said... [reply]

I love sweet potatoes! You have such a healthy and delicious meal prepared. I find eating a big breakfast and a bigger lunch and a smaller dinner works best for me. You just have to do whatever works for you.

Unknown said... [reply]

I heart sweet potatoes and could totally eat them all day! I love simple easy dinners too! Your meal looks delish! :)

Barbara said... [reply]

Much as I love sweet potatoes, doubt I could eat 7 a day. Maybe 4? :) I can see by your dinner plate how much you like them! I don't eat a lot of carbs so don't have them a lot.
Think my lunch and dinner are pretty much the same size, bulk-wise anyway. It works for me...this works for you.

Unknown said... [reply]

I love simple dinners! This looks great to me. I tend to eat a large breakfast and dinner and a very small lunch. I know it's not always great to eat a large dinner, but there's something about the togetherness of that meal that I can't give up.

Angie's Recipes said... [reply]

This is the dinner I would love too because I am a fan of sweet potatoes!

Unknown said... [reply]

That looks so delicious! I'm always hungry when I come to your blog! Dinner depends on how tired I am but that's usually when I kick back and unwind with the family so it usually is the BIG meal even though I've read so many times it shouldn't be. Big meal isn't as big (portion wise) as it used to be though, I'm glad too!

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