08 November 2010

The Race to Spud Mountain

Time to beat my personal record with 7 Sweet Potatoes

It's both funny and sad that the moments I take a break from
 writing essays or creating Yoga Sequences to teach, I use my
 spare time creating "Mountains" from Sweet Potatoes  lol

Sprinkling on Spices: Cayenne Pepper, Paprika 
 and Whole Rubbed Basil from Lifestyle Markets 

They smell so good straight out of the oven :)

'Spud Mountain' was a little shaky
Ohhh no... AVALANCHE!!!

But I got there in the end without toppling over! 

You might be able to see my hand reaching through
 the computer screen to receive your virtual high fives!

And even better, I ate the WHOLE thing! All seven of them. 
I have no limit when it comes to Sweet Potatoes, my tummy
 loves them so much it probably creates a second stomach ;)

MmMmm I'm hungry just looking at my own pictures haha

Soon grocery stores are going to start having 
"limit one per customer" rule because of me!


Anonymous said... [reply]

A second stomach!!! ohhh girl! love you!
I do that with apples! NO LIMITS! lol

Haley said... [reply]

haha wow I love you for this :)

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