09 November 2010

The Calm Before the Storm

Woke up to a windstorm this morning that's hitting us 
right now, forcing me to take my yoga practice indoors 

Crow Pose  

Downward Dog 

A couple of relaxed Shoulder Stands...

Followed by Plow 

Life Update: Recently I decided to go back on my medication which 
you may remember from this post. Truthfully, it was nice to take a break from it 
to realize just how terrible I felt beforeThe combo of medication and yoga 
is fantastic, and ultimately its a personal decision I respectfully made for myself 

School Update: Yoga training has been invaluable. Looking back at old photos, 
I can appreciate the growth in my postures. The only downfall is the two essays 
I've yet to write and a sequence for knee injuries to create


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