15 April 2015

Deli Chicken Salad Sandwich

Lunch break after hours spent house cleaning and working up an appetite

Safeway Deli's Chicken Salad Salad

Creamy and delightful

I only splurge and buy some the odd time. A small container costs six dollars!

I toasted some gluten free bread and layered 
on kale and a heaping spoonful of chicken salad

Such a balanced and filling meal

Questions: Do you ever buy foods from the deli? 
Do you treat yourself to expensive items occasionally?


Unknown said... [reply]

What a great lunch! Perfect after hours of cleaning!

Dannii said... [reply]

That looks really good. I love deli sandwiches - they are always so huge and packed full of deliciousness.

Dannii - Hungry Healthy Happy

asbdio said... [reply]

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