08 May 2010

Yin and Yang

  The advice I recieved on yesterdays post was incredibly helpful. I think just being able to let you know how stressed I was feeling was enough to help me think more clearly and balance out life and blogging. I managed to find a way to post and comment frequently yet not feel pressure to do so. Thank you for understanding and I was so touched to hear how much you enjoy reading my posts and that you look forward to my comments on your blogs! <3

For breakfast I wanted something simple, a banana with soy yogurt!

I don't mind Nancy's yogurt although I'm not a huge fan. The blueberry flavor is fairly good though! 

For Lunch, I used my last (sigh) brown rice tortilla to make an egg wrap. Need to pick some more up at the store today!

 Love these egg whites. I don't like using whole eggs and separating the whites.. seems like a waste to throw the yolk away, no?

Filled it with kale, red onions, mustard, and pepper :) 

After celebrating my friends' birthday at a raw cafe together, she threw a party last night to invite her other friends. They're not raw foodies but they support her decision too... we all brought a raw dish and had a feast! Guess who brought the organic wine...  

Yea, me! haha. I didn't have any though, I will explain why in a bit mm'kay?

Total YUM! I know.. KK so the red things were raw raspberry cheezcakes and the other ones are chocolate brownies. For anyone who has eaten raw desserts, let me tell you these were SO soft and melty. I was covered in chocolate by the end of the night!

Raw noodles, greens, fruit salad...

 Kind of gross looking, but it was a delicious mashed cashew nut macaroni and cheez! Clever huh?

So the Yin was that I was able to strike a balance between studies and blogging. And finishing the night with more raw treats wasen't too bad either! The Yang was that I didn't enjoy the company at the party. I'm not sure how many of you have been to a gathering and totally felt out of place in the conversation. I'm not a shy person at all, so it really bugged me when I couldn't jump in and relate to what people were talking about. I was happy to be there and support my friend, but the energy of the other people threw me off. My friends' friends were really immature and spent the whole night talking in 'fake British accents' and giggling about how funny it would be to capture a vegan alien on Mars??? I'm sorry, but it really bugged me although I didn't want to be rude either. I polietly sneaked away, grabbed my coat, and hugged my friend goodbye. I told her I was so happy to see her, then proceeded to thank everyone for their company. There was no point in me staying and having wine when I was having an awful time; and I tried really hard to shake the feeling. Sometimes I think it's better to polietly excuse yourself, then try and force a situation on yourself.

Question: Have you ever left a party because you weren't having fun? Do you have a friend you love yet don't click well with their friends?


Anonymous said... [reply]

I can totally identify with you on having friends whose friends you don't quite click with. It's not easy when we're 'forced' to be in the same place and I find it hard to keep conversations going so usually, for the sake of my friend, I'll go to whatever gathering it is and stay just long enough for her to know I love her, but not quite long enough to have to feel awkward and disengaged.

I think you handled your situation really well! Thank goodness we get to choose our friends right? x)

Nat xoxo

Mandiee said... [reply]

I'm so happy you found your balance. Since this is a healthy lifestyle blog, it's so appropriate that you looked at the other areas of your life and sought balance. I know how you felt at the party and can totally relate. I think you made the right decision and did what you wanted in a polite manner. Kudos! It's great that you did what was right for you while also being mindful of others.

Oh, and I've really got to try those brown rice tortillas!

Have a lovely day!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Hi lady,

What a coincidence...last night my boyfriend and I were at a party and bailed out early. We brought a bottle of organic wine too! I actually had one glass of wine because I could tell he wanted to have one and talked with the host but felt out of place with the rest (well, we were a LOT younger). It was more of a work thing since we worked on a film with her recently, so were gracious and left. I am happy you got to release some stress yesterday about bloggers guilt. I definitely feel it too, as I wrote yesterday. Hope you are having a lovely saturday cutie. ciao!

Averie @ Averie Cooks said... [reply]

last post, no I didnt know this:
working towards a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine

WOW girl!!!!!!!!!

Ok you are amazing, brilliant and my hero! I love NDs and all things holistic, alternative, non mainstream, not western take a pill and youll be fine, so bravo to you for pursuing this!

And what you described re commenting is what I go thru ALL The time. I am not spending time with my CHILD some times b/c i am commenting on blogs. I need to make changes too. It's hard. I feel obligated to the sphere but balance is needed.

Here's to you finding yours. Katie FoodFaithFitness just posted about this.

The raw cheezecake and brownies. OMG divine!


Simply Life said... [reply]

wow that really shows a lot that everyone is supportive enough to bring a raw food to the party!

Krista said... [reply]

Raw treats are definitely some of the best I've ever had. Sorry to hear the company at the party was less than entertaining. I've been known to slip away before, too. I can't stand immaturity, especially at my age.

And I really glad to hear that you will still blog. That's great news!!

Lola said... [reply]

I have totally felt out of place in many places! the other weekend i went to a friend's house i haven't seen in a while and he was having some of his other friends over: they are into metal and tattoos and everything, I like rock too but those guys were too hardcore for me hehe!

lynn @ the actors diet said... [reply]

oh yes, i have plenty of friends of friends who i don't really enjoy hanging around. that's just the way it is, huh?

Anonymous said... [reply]

I'm glad you're figuring out a way to balance blogging and studying! Want to share your secret? I'm finding that I tend to put off the course I'm taking so that I can blog. :/

I totally get what you mean about people like that. I'm the same way - not shy but when there's people that I'm just not connecting with, I want out of the situation. One of my friends, whom I adore, has friends that are.. just not my type. Really into partying and such. While my friend is really into that too, she's also fine with being a bit more laid back when hanging out with me.

maria said... [reply]

I've left parties before that weren't fun.

Glad you are able to find a balance. That's so important.

runnerforever said... [reply]

Oh ya, if I am not comfortable in any situation, then I am the hell outta there!!
Oh, and that wrap looks fantastic!!

sophia said... [reply]

i totally understand what you mean about friends...there are some groups of friends I hang out with because I love them, but when they invite me to events with other people, there are moments when I just get SO BORED...and almost start to wonder if my friend and I actually have things in common.

Good luck striking a medium between school and blogging...it's a tricky thing for sure!

Beth @ Beth's Journey to Thin said... [reply]

Good for you for leaving! Honestly, sometimes i feel like people get stuck in those situations and then just "deal with it" but if you're not having a good time, why stay? Time is precious and you should do what you want with your time!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Hey, the wrap... wrapped! ;)

I definitely have friends who have friends with whom I don't get along... and vice versa. I guess it's just life, thought it can suck sometimes.

<3 <3

Anonymous said... [reply]

Yep - we've all been there at one point or another - friends with one person, but can't relate to their other friends.

I think you made the right choice just to say your goodbyes and move on - life is too short! :D

Anonymous said... [reply]

I have a hard time finding people that I click with, so I've definitely left my fair share of parties. You know what, though? It's good that you left. There's no sense in suffering through bad company or acting like someone you're not just to "fit in". You were there for your friend, and that's what matters.

Lindsay @ http://pancakesnpajamas.blogspot.com/ said... [reply]

I've left parties before from feeling out of place. I think it's better to do that than to force yourself to stay in a situation in which you're uncomfortable. :)

Ameena said... [reply]

99% of the time I feel out of place at parties, even when I have 1-2 really good friends there. I'm not sure why but I always seem like I don't fit in. I did a post on it a while back too.

Anyway, I hope that you have a fabulous Sunday. Sorry the party didn't go so well but I can relate if that makes you feel any better!

Jenna said... [reply]

What a wrappp! Check out myblog- love yours!!

Karin said... [reply]

I sometimes feel like that at parties too and have the same attitude like you - just say goodbye and go. Sometimes you just don't click with certain people.. that happens.
But: fake British accents and vegan aliens?? Hello? No wonder why you wanted to get the hell out of there ;)

Anonymous said... [reply]

I have had similar experiences in the past, sometimes you don't just mesh well a group of people. I've learned to politely excuse myself if possible! The raw meal does look amazing, though!

Anonymous said... [reply]

thank you so much for the wonderful comment you left on my blog! i am so happy to have found yours and get to know you a bit better
have a wonderful sunday

Tara said... [reply]

Your foodie creations allways look beautiful!!!!!
I have never had a raw dessert, but tthey look GOOD!
Sorry the party was a bust :( I agree though sometimes it really is just best to excuse yourself.
Thankfully I have really enjoyed the people that my best friends are friends with, but totally relate to you when it comes to just not feeling out of place and simply not enjoying the people I am spending time with. when it does happen it usally is due to a lack of maturaty, not that I am by any means super mature, its just nice when all the conversation isnt a joke and people can talk about a variety of things.

Anonymous said... [reply]

have I ever not been the last one to leave a party? haha I'm a social exception I think... not in a good way.
Yin and yang. there is always and up and down and a black and white in finding balance. oh how I need to learn this in my own life.

ChocolateCoveredVegan said... [reply]

You are awesome :). As you know, I'm terrible about commenting. But I just saw your "fat" pb bread... yummy :)!!

Heather (Where's the Beach) said... [reply]

That wrap looks great by the way. Glad you're feeling better about the blog thing. It shouldn't be stressful for you, then it's no longer fun.

I have definitely left parties before when I just wasn't feeling it. Sucks when that happens.

Anonymous said... [reply]

Hah I am a CHAMP at leaving parties I do not feel comfortable with but these parties are usually drunk fests and I rarely EVER drink anymore. I think I feel ‘to grown up’ in a way for it like I have been there done that with the party thing and the whole girlie gossip blah blah drama is SO not my thing and girls in general drive me nuts. I have so many more guy friends I hang out with and we just hang out. Even if I am watching them play Frisbee or Nintendo it is more appealing than hearing about BOB cheating on lucy’s roommate with Joe ladeda…you get it haha

Unknown said... [reply]

I have left parties on several occasions. I'm generally an introvert, so it takes a lot for me to stay at a party. I like small gatherings of a few people instead. Thank you again for your wonderful comments!

Lauren said... [reply]

Your post is so me! I never fit in anywhere and I always feel like I'm drifting off inside my head because I don't relate to what other people are talking about.
I much prefer to spend time with my close friends one on one, or in small groups than go to parties or larger gatherings with people I don't know. I wasn't always this way...I was very different in high school. But over the years, I've just become so tired of any and all drama. One of my very best friends has this large group of like 30 friends and she always invites some of them to come when we hang out, but I really have nothing to say to these people...they talk about their own stuff and I am just not into it. It can be upsetting, but you should know that you are definitely not the only one. At least you were there for your friend, and I commend you for being bold enough to leave when you weren't enjoying yourself.
By the way, I've tried that yogurt...its kind of strange. Like the texture reminds me of jello or something. Do you know what I mean? But it tastes okay.
Hope youre having a good mothers day xoxox

Ashlei said... [reply]

Those raw desserts look really good!! I've definitely dipped out of a party early when it was borrrrinngggg!!

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