13 June 2010

Save a Car, F**K a Biker!

Okay friends, get ready for some nudity!!!

Saturday was the World Naked Bike Ride, an event to bring awareness of eco-transportation and low carbon lifestyles. For me it was a time to pull out the Nikon, along 
with my rookie paparazzi skills, fully clothed that is! This Squirrel keeps her fur ON

Did my best to keep this PG. I think bare bums are legal
 though... But just to be safe i'll give everyone a warning...


Downtown wall art... I live in a strange town

Here comes the bikers!

Haha cuz what's more embarrassing than falling off your bike... naked!

Very creative

Really not sure what happened here lol

Pink tape pasties

Don't ask, don't tell

There are worse places to be burnt than on your back ;)

I'll leave you with this...

Most people cheered on the streets and
 almost everyone had their cameras with them

Funny story: One little boy was watching beside me with his mom before she said 
to him "Oops i'm sorry, mommy should have kept walking. I didn't realize 
that you probably shouldn't and wouldn't want to see this!!!" ... to which 
the boy replied, "Oh no mommy! I want to see MOoOoRE!"

Tomorrow I will post the orgasmic Rice Crispy Squares!


runnerforever said... [reply]

Waaay too insane of a picture!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Hahaha that is too funny! I would have totally turned into the paparazzi too! And that squirrel cracks me up.

Also, you finally showed up like 6 posts on my reader!! I was wondering where you went!! Stupid blogger.

Amanda @ . seek . said... [reply]

Rofl omigosh... I've never seen anything like it, and I can't believe it's actually legal. You've definitely managed to spice up an otherwise quiet Sunday evening, girl ;)

Looking forward to your Rice Crispies, because I've been craving that beloved childhood snack.

Krista said... [reply]

There you are! I was wondering what happened to your posts. Looks like you've been having F-U-N! That lifestyles store looks awesome. Have you tried that quinoa crunch chocolate bar? Looks good! If I had been at that bike ride I would been laughing like a maniac! Some people are just nutso, IMO... ;)

Anonymous said... [reply]

omg, that's pretty funny. i read an article once about a girls experience doing a naked run. i dont know if i could ever do it.

Anonymous said... [reply]

Wow, so fun and funny! Oh, and all your posts just came through my google reader at once...craziness!

Christina said... [reply]

Thanks for posting this. It made for some interesting conversation with my family! I can't believe it's legal! I'm glad they care that much about eco friendliness :)

Lindsay @ Summit Sandwiches said... [reply]

WOW! What a crazy event. Those people are so much braver than I ever will be. Then again, I'm okay with that. :)

Matt Rutherford said... [reply]

That is a bicycle seat sniffers dream...snarfer

Lauren @ Health on the Run said... [reply]

Oh my gosh -- I thought you were just taking a break from blogging!! I'm so sorry...I should've just checked your blog. But most of the time I just rely on Google Reader to tell me when something is new...so I was definitely surprised when I saw 6 posts pop up at once from you!!

Also, I had no idea this even existed!! And that it's legal. Wow...what an interesting day. ;)

Averie @ Averie Cooks said... [reply]

omg love this post!

i just posted about gay pride and parades today...great minds are thinking alike :)

i wish i was at this parade/festival..how fun!

Courtney (Pancakes & Postcards) said... [reply]

I must do something like this someday. Absolutely. :)

Great post!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Your town has all kinds of interesting stuff going on. You silly Canadians. (Just kidding.)

I'm glad you worked out the feeds for your blog. I didn't know it was possible for the size to be too big. Glad you're back!

Katie ♥ said... [reply]

I have never seen anything like that before!! lol!! Crazy!!!! Too funny! Rock out to those naked peeps!!!!!

Cant wait for the rice crispy treat recipe!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said... [reply]

This is crazy, yet amazing!!
I think that I need to move to where you live :D

Ali said... [reply]

HAHA wow, that is one crazy event!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Oh my! I would have loved to have seen that lol. I love events like that. Oklahoma might be too prude. ;)

Chelsea said... [reply]

Hahaha this is hilarious! What a crazy event! I wonder if Toronto has something similar... don't worry, I'm not thinking of participating!! ;)

Katie said... [reply]

HA, biking buff takes balls! (Pun intended!)

Cardio Pizza said... [reply]

LOL that is hilarious! I would love to bike naked haha

Anonymous said... [reply]

Haha this is awesome! I would have loved to be there..it looks like a fun time! I would never actually be able to participate. I can't even wear a bathing suit without getting anxious. But as a spectator, it looks like you still had fun. Glad you had a good weekend love xoxo

Anonymous said... [reply]
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Anonymous said... [reply]

Wow! Amazing event.It looks like you had so much fun!

I think nudity is innocent. I mean these people don't look dirty because their mind is not dirty. They look funny and like they really enjoy themselves.

Erica said... [reply]

ahahhahah how fun is this? I love it. More power to em!

Heather (Where's the Beach) said... [reply]

That's just too much! How funny. Definitely not something you see every day that's for sure ;-)

Anonymous said... [reply]

I shouldn't have been so amused by these piccies ! xx

Samantha Angela @ Bikini Birthday said... [reply]

This reminds me a lot of Pride week in Toronto.

Lola said... [reply]

OMG!!How insane is that hehe at least is for a good cause, but i wouldn't do it though :P hey i thought you were taking a break from blogging! i'm so happy is not the case! and short shorts rock, i'm wearing a pair right now :P

Lawyer Loves Lunch said... [reply]

Holy Batman! I don't think I'd ever be brave enough to do this. Plus, I'm sure falling off a bike while naked is rather painful.

Adrien said... [reply]

I'm pretty sure I recognize one of those bums- or backs of heads (the blonde with the crazy hair- I think we went to kindergarten together and after school care).. no joke- this is totally her scene! So funny!

I was so choked I missed this, but am happy to count on you for the re-cap- Victoria is one strange spot!

Sarena Shasteen - The Non-Dairy Queen said... [reply]

There are really no words to describe how awesome this post is! This is why I blog...these are not the things I would learn about from any other source! Thank you for sharing your piece of this crazy world! I love it!

Alycia @ Fit n Fresh said... [reply]

Uhhh so I can't believe I missed this rockin event!? I totally loved all the pictures! I'd never have the balls (ha!) to bike naked!!

eatmovelove said... [reply]

Can I just say thank you for putting a much needed smile on my face? ;)

Ashlei said... [reply]

Ok. Those are some seriously awesome photos! Lol!!

Laury@TheFitnessDish said... [reply]

hahahaha...OMG....LOVE the naked squirrel and the bike pics are hilarious!!! You crack me up! thanks for the laugh!

Holly said... [reply]

Hahaha that race is awesome!! Those people are brave!

Sarah (GF vegan) said... [reply]

Amazing!!! I can't believe these people were so daring. Love it x

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