11 August 2010

Timmy Ho's

After a good nights sleep,
I woke up this morning with a massive bagel craving!!!
And like any good Canadian, there's only one place on my mind...

Tim Hortons for a toasted 12 grain bagel with light cream cheese :)

Question: How do you Dress your Bagels?
 Cream cheese, butter, jam, peanut butter,
hummus, eggs, honey, chocolate...

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Beth @ Beth's Journey to Thin said... [reply]

I haven't had a GOOD bagel in way too long. I love cream cheese and lox, or peanut butter and banana! Plus egg and cheese sandwiches are always amazing. yum yum.

Heather Iacobacci-Miller said... [reply]

I am not really a big bagel fan, but that looks freaking good. If I do eat them, I want cream cheese or just plain. My hubby is the bagel fiend in our household.

Anonymous said... [reply]

I love bagels! And we stopped at Fairmount Bagels in Montreal this past weekend, so I've been eating about one bagel a day since then. I love cream cheese and jelly, or cheese and avocado with tomato, or peanut butter and banana. Just about anything will do. (And I really like Tim Horton's. I wish our coffee shops made a small its true size, not the monstrous ones you usually find here.)

Astrid said... [reply]

Peanutbutter. Or cream cheese and salmon. I love a good bagel, but for some reason I rarely have them. That Tim Horton's bagel looks magnificent, though!

Michelle @ Give Me the Almond Butter said... [reply]

I haven't had a bagel in such a long time. I usually hit up Milky Way Tea & Bagel in my college town when I get the bagel craving. I'm very typical and love cream cheese or just butter on my bagel. I find more fun in picking out the type of bagel I'm getting. Have a great day!

Christina said... [reply]

Omg, your bagel looks so good! I seriously have had a bagel obsession lately. I like all toppings but most often I have cream cheese or butter because it's always available.

Amy B @ Second City Randomness said... [reply]

Won't lie- Leah sent me some Tim Horton's coffee and I do have to say that now I'm jealous of you kids and everything that is Tim Horton's... sigh!

I don't often go for the bagels, but when I do, I do enjoy them with a bit of cream cheese or peanut butter... mmmm...

Annie :D said... [reply]

I haven't had a bagel in so long! I need to get on that! But I LOVE strawberry cream cheese on plain bagels or chocolate chip bagels with plain cream cheese yumm!

Katie ♥ said... [reply]

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this looks so good! I love Panera Bread's Cinnamon Crunch Bagels, they are soooooooooooooo good, I used to eat them cold and plain!!! lol! Hope you are well love! xoxo

Annie :D said... [reply]

ps...glad u got a good night of sleep :)

We Are Not Martha said... [reply]

How I dress my bagel is totallyyyy dependent on my mood! It's usually cream cheese, but sometimes I crave peanut butter. And sometimes I just want some butter and jelly. Have you ever had cream cheese with cinnamon and sugar? Now, that is amazing!!


Amanda @ . seek . said... [reply]

Timmyyyyyyy's! I'm not the biggest fan of bagels, but I DO love their coffee. I've actually had to go cold turkey because I swear I got addicted to it... It's like no other coffee would hit the spot but Timmy's, and that's kind of scary.

Anywho, favorite toast/english muffin toppings could be cream cheese and blueberry jam, almond butter, and avocado.

Sarena Shasteen - The Non-Dairy Queen said... [reply]

In my opinion there really is no wrong way to eat a bagel, but my absolute favorite is an onion bagel with cream cheese and strawberry preserves. I know it sounds weird, but it really does taste like cheesecake. My next favorite is cream cheese, lettuce, tomato and sprouts! Now I need a bagel!

T. Leah said... [reply]

I haven't had Timmy Ho's in a long while because I think their coffee tastes like an ashtray unless you load it with cream and sugar. Anyways, I forgot about bagels! I used to LOVE bagels!! I love my bagels exactly the same way as you! I used to switch it up once in a while with the everything bagel and Herb & Garlic cream cheese.

Pretty Zesty said... [reply]

Now that's a bagel!

Kenzie @ A Healthy Purpose said... [reply]

the detailed pics of that bagel are mouth watering! i love everything bagels toasted with HUMMUS :)

Anonymous said... [reply]

Wow this bagel looks amazing!
Usually I put eggs and feta cheese.

tanyas daily said... [reply]

plain and sometimes molassas

Anonymous said... [reply]


Samantha said... [reply]

That bagel looks incredible. I usually use peanut butter for mine!

Aimee said... [reply]

Looks yummy. You take really beautiful pictures what kind of camera do you use?

Aimee said... [reply]

Doh I forgot to answer. I like my bagels savory with a light layer of cream cheese, or butter, with scrambled eggs. Yours looks perfect.

Kristy Sayer-Jones @ Southern In Law said... [reply]

The bagels in Australia suck when compared to ones i've had in the US, so I save my bagel loving for when i'm there.
But I LOVE light cream cheese and strawberry jam on them! yumyum

Jen said... [reply]

That bagel looks WONDERFUL!!!!!!! I usually top mine with peanut butter.......but that's really what I top just about everything with =P. Cream cheese is another favorite though.....I just don't like butter on my bagels...I don't know why. =D

Anonymous said... [reply]

That bagel looks aaaahhhh-mazing!

My bagel dressing is a toss up between cream cheese and nut butter. I haven't had a bagel in so long, but if I had one today I'd probably go half and half :)

Unknown said... [reply]

Cream cheese or goat cheese and honey!

Lisa (bakebikeblog) said... [reply]

oh my that looks good! Love all the grains!

Erica said... [reply]

I've never been to a Tim Hortons...but I hear such good things! Nom Nom. I rarely seem to have bagels, but I enjoy them toast plain or with cream cheese

Madeline - Greens and Jeans said... [reply]

If I'm going for a bagel I HAVE to go for cream cheese!

Angela (the diet book junkie) said... [reply]

wow, does this ever bring me back! like most Canadians, i drank my fair share of Tim Hortons coffee. used to love the "everything" bagel with herb and garlic cream cheese! now though, i haven't had a bagel in years! (seriously.) they're not that common in Australia, believe it or not. which is weird considering the ammount of cafes we have here (like 2 on every street corner.)

btw, thanks SO MUCH for the diet book ideas! you're always so thoughtful, i really appreciate it :)

Anonymous said... [reply]

havent had a bagel in forever. this is actually a good thing. my go to hangover cure is an everything bagel with eggs, cheese and bacon. perhaps i should work them into my non-hungover diet too?!?!

Anonymous said... [reply]

I regret not going to Tim Hortons when I was in Canada.....I hear their coffee is rocking as well!

I love to mix up my bagels---cream cheese, almnd butter and bananas, mini pizzas, I am equal opportunity :)

eatmovelove said... [reply]

Oh Kelsey - you are after my heart indeed :) Bagels = love. I have them for a snack after work or before dinner as I impatiently wait or watch Oprah or Extra or something equally unnecessary...

the obvious answer for toppings for me? Almond Butter, Cashew Butter, Sunflower Butter - I rotate jars - and JAM - STRAWBERRY JAM!!

I also adore cream cheese and hummus isn't too bad on them either ;)...chocolate?...hmmm- that comes after :)

Unknown said... [reply]

cottage cheese on a toasted bagel is fun sometimes.. unless its an everythign bagel. then i gotta have the veg cream cheese, onion and tomato!!

soo glad i came across yoru blog. cant wait to read more!

have a relaxing night, dear!
love, becca

Court & Whit said... [reply]

MMM, dang that looks better than our works good grains bagel. I love to have the Dutch Apple bagel from our work, and then put Honey Almond cream cheese on top. Or I get the fruit&nut power bagel and top it off with PB, Banana, Honey & cinnamon. :)

Anonymous said... [reply]

Oh Timmy Hos...My very first coffee love! My mom drinks the stuff like it's going out of style, so I grew up with it. Then I moved on to Starbucks, then I made my own organic coffee, and then I gave it up! I don't really have use for Tim Ho's anymore. But if I were to eat a bagel, I would probably eat it plain...or with jam...or maybe almond butter...or maybe both. Can't make up my mind! I've actually never seen a gluten free bagel though.
Anyway, hope you're having a great week lovely! xoxo

Samantha said... [reply]

My mouth is feeling a lot better! I had a dry socket so I have to go in everyday and get my mouth "packed" with this gauze with medicine. She sticks it into the hole and I have a nasty taste of cloves in my mouth for the whole day :(

Chelsea said... [reply]

Sometimes I feel like a terrible Canadian for hating Tim Hortons coffee. But at least I love their bagels! Cream cheese is totally the way to go.

Katie said... [reply]

Your pictures make the bagel's texture look irresistible. I like mine with pb and honey!!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Honestly, I'll take a bagel any way I can get it. I love egg whites with a smidge of american cheese. I adore nutella and peanut butter. And plain old cream cheese. I'm easy.

Monet said... [reply]

My friend, I adore bagels...especially with almond butter and thin slices of bananas. It is night now, but I want a bagel ASAP!

Samantha said... [reply]

Never been to a Tim Hortons, but I love me a good bagel. Stuffed with cream cheese, then dipped in it. =)

lequan@luvtoeat said... [reply]

Hey Kelsey, glad you finally got a good night's sleep. I actually eat my bagels plain but if I had to choose, I'd say I like to dress it with that strawberry flavored cream cheese.

Lee said... [reply]


You want the Tim Hortons Breakfast sandwich with Bacon and Sausage on the same sandwich. (plus cheese and egg) then wash it down with a triple triple steeped tea!

Feels wonderful! (cept ur teef will rot away) so brush often.

Tatianna said... [reply]

Haha! I think this is the FIRST TIME I've ever seem Tim Horton's product on a food blog! I used to eat their everything bagels all the time with strawberry cream cheese... it sounds weird, but it is one of the best combinations ever!

It's strange because I am always so envious of bloggers in the US who have places like Panera bread.. I almost forget about the decent places that we do have here :)

<3 Tat

Pearl said... [reply]

i came across your blog and wanted to say hi! you are gorgeous!

Ashlei said... [reply]

I haven't had cream cheese in forever but I used to be addicted to onion bagels with loads of cream cheese! I love how the hot toasty bagel melted the cream cheese a little bit.

Now I'm a pb&j girl :)

Lauren @ Health on the Run said... [reply]

Peanut butter and honey! ...and every once in awhile, cream cheese. I've never tried Tim Hortons but I've heard that it might actually be better than Dunkin Donuts. Which is sort of blasphemous for me to say, since I pretty much live in the Dunkin Donuts capital of the world. ;)

Anonymous said... [reply]

I haven't had a bagel in YEARS!! But I actually never liked to "dress" them... I would just eat them plain. :p

<3 <3

Anonymous said... [reply]

I love toasted bagels. They must be topped with cream cheese, peanut butter or just butter. Yes, butter. It is so good!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Oh how I love Tim Hortons!!

My favorite has always been the everything bagel with herb and garlic cream cheese. Yum!

Kittie said... [reply]

I used to eat half an everything bagel with Smart Balance every morning one semester of high school...needless to say that got old. haha.

Holly said... [reply]

Your bagel makes me want one! I love bagels with veggie cream cheese. They are just so good. Especially when you toast it first. Yummmmm

Anonymous said... [reply]

i'm definitely a sweets gal in the morning! reduced fat maple cream cheese...mmmm!!! that or sugar free apricot jam & ICBINB spray! Oh yeah, orrrrrr cinnamon & splenda with ICBINB spray....okay...so i'm a lil' indecisive ;)

Sara @ Nourish and Flourish said... [reply]

That toasty bagel looks FANTASTIC. I just ate breakfast, but my tummy is already grumbling for some bready goodness. Mmm.

I love bagels with herb cream cheese + smoked salmon! OR honey-nut cream cheese!

Ilana said... [reply]

my GOD I am craving a bagel SO EFFING BAD. With cream cheese. I'm vegan though so I need to trek to Manhattan to find a place with vegan cream cheese. When I went to college up by the border of NY and Canada there was a Timmy Ho's and it was the ONLY place I'd deign to get a bagel (because I'm from NYC and I have very strict rules about what a bagel should be like, but T-Ho's are good anyway) ... blueberry bagel+cream cheese and a coffee was like my god back then. Love.

Eden said... [reply]

I think bagels are awesome and all, but how do you get 57 comment about a bagel!? Never knew people cared so much about em!

Emily said... [reply]

i love freshly made bagels! my fave little place in town currently has asparagus cheesy bagels, which are amaze.

Krista said... [reply]

Timmy's!!! I'll dress my bagel with just about anything. They're so versatile. I'd like to try thr new cheddar cheese bagels at Tim's. Those I would eat alone....

Anonymous said... [reply]

My favorite is a fresh blueberry bagel plain. I grew up eating these as a kid when I would spend days hanging out at my dad's office.

Jessica (Healthy Exposures) said... [reply]

That bagel looks delicious!! It's been far too long since I've had one, myself. I remember being ALL about sesame bagels with bacon-scallion cream cheese a couple of summers ago, though. I think that was my breakfast AND again for lunch for a good long while! That was the only way I would eat cream cheese. IAlthough I think bagels are perfect in any way - butter, good jam, nut butter & fruit, honey & fruit, and a good one is probably good even with dirt! :P

Anonymous said... [reply]

Ahh, Tim Hortons. The ultimate Canadian fast food restaurant. Love their stuff. I need to get an ice capp one of these days...

I usually put lots of nutella on my bagel. Like 10 tablespoons lots.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

I love cream cheese on bagels the most ... but eggs are good too!

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