02 December 2010

Bigelow Tea Giveaway

3 people will win samples of Bigelow Seasonal Teas
It's a small giveaway but who doesn't like a hot cup of tea...

Each winner receives a packet of Eggnogg'n,

Four Ways to Enter
1. Comment on which tea you would try first
2. Add me to your blogroll, then let me know
3. Tweet/Facebook this, then let me know
4. Link Giveaway to your blog post, then let me know

*Please leave a separate comment for each*

Winners Announced: 
Monday, December 6th


Catherine said... [reply]

Mmmm I would love to try the eggnog one!!

Araceli said... [reply]

I would love to try the eggnog flavor first!

sparklesandfades.blogspot.com said... [reply]

Your added to my blogroll (and have been for a while!)…id definitely be trying the pumpkin spice tea first, as we dont have anything remotely pumpkin spice in the UK (boo!)

Lucie x

andrea said... [reply]

i would totally try the eggnogg'n first!!!

Sarah B @ Bake + Bike said... [reply]

You are already on my blogroll :)

Sarah B @ Bake + Bike said... [reply]

And I would try the eggnog, just 'cause I've never had or heard of eggnog tea before!

Ms Verymarried said... [reply]

egg noggin' would be first for me! Even if just for the novelty of it!


Foodlovingpolarbear said... [reply]

Definitely ginger! I've been drinking lemon and ginger for the past few days since I'm sick and I love the flavor!

christina a said... [reply]

I would love try eggnogg'n, I've always wanted to try it but could never find it!

christina a said... [reply]

You are on my blogroll :)

Cheryl said... [reply]

Eggnog tea wow totally want to try it!

Cheryl said... [reply]

your on my blogroll

Katherine said... [reply]

i have already tried the pumpkin spice tea (i'm a sucker for anything and everything pumpkin...) and it's yummy. but i would LOVE to try the ginger snap, because i love anything with ginger

Kristie said... [reply]

I'd try the eggnog first, I've always wanted to but we don't have those Bigelow teas around here! :(

Whatrunslori said... [reply]

Great giveaway!! I would definitely have to try the ginger snap first then the pumpkin. Lastly the eggnog. YUM. I haven't seen those tea flavors yet. :)

Lori said... [reply]

You're on my blogroll, and have been!

floey said... [reply]

Would def. try the pumpkin spice!!! mmm mmm :)

Mangocheeks said... [reply]

Is this give-aaway open to those who live in the UK?
Yes :)
No :(
To be honest, I'd love to try all of them as I have never seen these in the U.K anywhere yet, but if I had to choose one. It would have to be pumpkins spice.

valen said... [reply]

I would try the pumpkin spice first!

Christina said... [reply]

I love anything pumpkin spice, so I would definitely try that one first

Everydayfoodie said... [reply]

I would totally try the Gingersnap kind first!

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