17 September 2011

Whole Foods Bakery

Another Brown Paper Bag from Whole Foods Market, This can only mean one thing...

More Whole Foods Baked Goods! 

Only this time it was my oldest brother who brought me back
some desserts and pastries from Whole Foods Market in Vancouver

First up on the agenda...

Sweet Potato and Pecan Scone

This scone has a perfect mild sweetness, making it an ideal  
 breakfast treat; paired beautifully with a piping hot cup of tea

No shortage of crunchy nuts in here :)

Of course, there has to be a muffin in here! And it should look very 
familiar to you if you remember the FIVE of them I posted here

Chocolate Espresso Muffin

The reason I like these a bit better than the Cascadia Chocolate Chip 
Espresso Muffins, is because these have a stronger and bolder coffee taste

And they also have HUGE chunks of chocolate!

I know I already took lot's of photos of this muffin 
in Vancouver, but I couldn't resist taking a few more

Big, fat, delicious muffin top

Here's a first! A look inside the Chocolate Espresso Muffin...

Question: Do you like Espresso or Coffee in Desserts?

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Lauren said... [reply]

I am actually not a fan of coffee/espresso flavoured desserts, because I don't drink it! Yum the pecan scone looks sooo good though :)

Anonymous said... [reply]

I am not a coffee drinker either but I am a sucker for coffee-flavored desserts. I even bought a jar of decaf instant coffee and I use it for all kinds of desserts. I put coffee in my yogurt messes, too. It pairs perfectly with the mashed banana.

Marianne (frenchfriestoflaxseeds) said... [reply]

I actually picked one of those muffins up on Thursday on the way home from school - and of course thought of you. Had I seen those scones though, damn, I woulda gotten one of those!

Tessa @ Amazing Asset said... [reply]

You had me at the scone... that sounds like the most delicious combination of flavors for a baked good that I can think of! I can't say I am much of a fan of coffee desserts though

Chelsea said... [reply]

That sweet potato scone looks so good! If only it didn't have pecans in it. :P

I love coffee flavours in my dessert - especially when combined with chocolate!

Emma said... [reply]

Whole Foods....whyyy are you so amazing? Those both look so delicious. Sweet potato in a scone sounds like the best idea I never had!

Gillian said... [reply]

Ooh please re-create this muffin recipe!! Would love to make these gluten-free!

p.s you always have the best food photos - playful, curious, and delicious

Grace said... [reply]

I love anything remotely coffee flavored!

Rebecca said... [reply]

Sweet potato and pecan scone. I need to try one of those! I love anything coffee flavored-especially ice cream!

Anonymous said... [reply]

These look SO good!!! I love anything with coffee flavor so yes! :)

Kat @ Cupcake Kat said... [reply]

That scone looks so good. I like coffee flavored things and lattes. Coffee is good :). I love that you always show us your bakery items. I seriously want to share an afternoon with you with a cup of tea and a muffin

Katie said... [reply]

I think YOU need to re-create that scone ; ) I know you could!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

That scone looks so moist. I have never tried a scone because they always look dry ... but not that one!

I like coffee in my desserts.

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