29 November 2011

The Breakfast Dessert: Power Cookies

All of you know I'm a huge supporter and advocate of eating dessert for breakfast

My Mom recently got back from another trip over to Vancouver where she
 hit up Whole Foods Market and brought me back some more Power Cookies

Considering they're made with spelt flour and plenty of nuts, seeds, 
raisins and oats, they totally qualify as a nutritious breakfast in my books

And the extra surprise treat inside these cookies are the luscious chocolate chunks

Question: When was the last 
time you ate dessert for breakfast?


Lauren said... [reply]

I definetly could go fo one of those right now :)

claire @ the realistic nutritionist said... [reply]

I ate dessert for breakfast today....5 mini hershey kisses, haha. Nothing healthy about that at all! This cookie looks fabulous though!

Danielle said... [reply]

I'm always so jealous of your delicious Whole Foods treats! I eat chocolate protein shakes for breakfast a lot and it's pretty much like dessert. :)

Goldberry said... [reply]

When was the last time I ate dessert for breakfast? ...this morning! A couple "power cookie" style date-oatmeal cookies from the co-op... yum.

Alex@Spoonful of Sugar Free said... [reply]

Just had dessert for bfast this morning! I'm developing a new grain-free, sugar-free pumpkin bar recipe....so. good. And its healthy, so why not?

Anonymous said... [reply]

good question! that depends on how you define 'dessert.' i'm in love with everything that i eat, and i think it can all qualify as dessert! i normally eat a KIND bar or bag of pomegranate nuts from starbucks every morning, and both can absolutely be regarded as 'dessert' to most people.

if i were the power cookie baker at whole foods, then i'd most certainly look like a power cookie. y-u-m! x

Meg said... [reply]

Dessert-ish items are acceptable anytime ;)

Living, Learning, Eating said... [reply]

All the time - like yesterday? And today, again - does that count? That looks amazing, please recreate it!

GFGidget said... [reply]

i once made myself Bitter Chocolate Cake for breakfast!

Rebecca said... [reply]

Yummy looking breakfast cookie. I too advocate for a sweeter breakfast. I like having sweet bread for breakfast and my breakfasts are sweeter as a whole.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

I don't think I have ever had dessert for breakfast ... ever. But I actually prefer breakfast food to dessert. I would much rather have more of a main course than have dessert most of the time.

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