12 January 2012

Calgary Part Two: Zoo

We're headed to The Calgary Zoo for part two of
my travels. It was also my first time visiting a zoo!

So lets venture back 150 million years ago and take a stroll through Prehistoric Park

Dinosaur canyons

Along the path there were large statues of various species of
 dinosaurs; Regrettably I didn't take photos of them to show you

Entering the African Savannah

A Meerkat digging in the dirt

Porcupines taking a nap in the corner

Two beautiful Giraffes

Red River Hogs

Tilapia Fish, good enough to eat

The creepy Tilapia who lost one of its eyes!

Me standing at the entrance of Transalta Rainforest

Entrance into the Rainforest

Warm and humid inside; A nice contrast to the cooler winter weather outdoors

West African Dwarf Crocodile


Gorillas playing

Birds of some sort

Gorgeous hanging foliage 

A little friend who was out taking a stroll

More views of the scenery

Two fuzzy Mongoose Lemurs cuddling in the tree

Back outdoors to find a Red River Hog? playing with some sort of drum?

Ostriches and Zebras

The mysterious rock cave

Lion's Den

Three of them on the left-hand side

Snacking Squirrel!

"Garden of Life"

Tree of Life?

Inside the Dorothy Harvie Gardens

This is my favorite photo as it reminds me of a mystical tropical island 
you could only dream of living on. And speaking of tropical, we noticed 
they had avocados, pineapples, among other fruits, growing in the gardens!

There were also many other animals there, such as Hippos, Elephants, Camels, 
etc. but I didn't capture photos of them all. I will end this post by saying that even
 though I am opposed to the idea of confining animals to cages for viewing, the 
positive aspects of conservation efforts, research, and education were redeemable. 
Simply put, it was a wonderful day filled with lots of laughter and learning :)

In case you missed it: Part One


Jenn said... [reply]

Wow, that looks like a great zoo!!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

I love the Calgary Zoo ... the gorillas are my favourite :-)

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