06 May 2012

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow...Today

The perfect "Busy Girl Breakfast" consists of
a good quality energy bar and a large banana

Chocolate Chip CLIF Bar

Nutrition Facts

Although I am a big fan of their other flavors, I can 
not resist the scrumptious chocolate chips in this bar!

And each bar is different; Sometimes they are lacking in the chocolate chip 
department and sometimes, like pictured here, there are large clumps of them :)

Now lets take a brief moment to talk about the weather again...

Remember yesterday when I said the weather switches so 
frequently? Well, look at the 180 degree difference a day makes!

I definitely prefer this sunny weather over the dreary rain and snow

Uh oh...Coffee Cat Camille has returned!

Tall Willow Blend Blonde Roast Starbuck's Coffee

Random Fact: She also loves cigarettes...but we won't even go there! Haha


Tip Top Shape said... [reply]

Haha too funny!!! We had a dog next door who used to love to drink beer. It was the strangest thing.

Mitri said... [reply]

I just have to comment because I LOVE tortoise shell cats! So adorable :) Funny that she likes coffee... my corgi loves steamed broccoli. hmm.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

Hmmm, I want to hear more about her loving cigarettes! LOL!

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