06 August 2012

Strawberry Smucker's

Last month I featured this breakfast using a packet of Creamy Jif Peanut Butter

And this week I'm featuring it's sweet little 
sister, a packet of Smucker's Strawberry Jam

"With a name like Smucker's, it has to be good"

I spread the strawberry jam on half a slice 
of these toasted gluten free hamburger buns

Then I topped it with a soft poached egg

Adding a soft and runny egg to toasted bread 
and jam is one of the best breakfast options

I bragged about this winning combination back here after hearing my mom 
 brag about eggs and jam as I'd watch her make it for herself in the morning

The extra addition of protein, coming from the egg, 
helps balance the sweetness and keep you fuller, longer

If you still haven't tried this unique combination of toast, jam and eggs, then you
 should run to the kitchen right now and introduce your taste buds to something new

Question: What are some other unique food combinations 
you've discovered that tastes better than it sounds or looks?


Anonymous said... [reply]

Mmm delicious breakfast, sweet and savory. I love stumbling upon unusual food pairings that sound crazy and taste amaaaaazing. Cream cheese and dill pickles? An old standby.


Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

I am intrigued by that combination! Also, that egg is purrrrrrfectly cooked :-)

Missy said... [reply]

Perfect on it's own BUT....

Needs cheese. Eggs, Cheese and Jam is the ...Jam.

Or Peanut Butter. Again - mind blowing. Peanut butter jelly egg sandwich. Yes please. Add bacon if you want.

OR if you wanna get down like me? Creamcheese, pickles and PB. <-- And yes, that IS with the egg and jam. All five. Yup.

Thank me later (0;

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