28 October 2012

Sand Witch

Can you believe Halloween is in less than three days?!

I haven't prepared any Halloween decorations or 
baking projects like I did last year here and here

Other than buying a pumpkin that needs 
to be carved, I just haven't had the time to

I will still be creating a Halloween-themed post this week though

But for now you'll just have to enjoy these pictures of my lunch...

Toasted Gluten Free Sandwich 

With eggs, cheese, turkey slices, lettuce, onion, mustard and black pepper

Questions: What are you dressing up as for this 
HalloweenWhat do you wish you were going as?


Lawyer Loves Lunch said... [reply]

Gah, we are so behind on Halloween prep. In fact, the baby's costume is slated to arrive ON Halloween. Here's to hoping it fits :( Aaaand, I don't even have a fantastic sandwich for lunch. Woe is me.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

I dressed as mini mouse, the same as last year because I only wore my costume for about an hour last year.

Your sandwich looks soooo good! I love eggs on sandwiches.

Marianne (frenchfriestoflaxseeds) said... [reply]

I went to a Halloween party on the weekend and I dressed up as a hipster. It was pretty awesome if I do say so myself :)

Jessie @ The Happiness in Health said... [reply]

Look at that gooeyness! I hope you had a fantastic Halloween :)

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