31 October 2011

Halloween Decorations and My Costume

A pile of leaves, the quintessential hallmark of Fall 

With a view like this in my backyard on Halloween, someone pinch me!

When it comes to decorations, I'm a huge procrastinator

Using the leaves already in my backyard, I made a
last ditch effort to make this Giant Stuff-A-Spider

Raking leaves a.k.a. when decorating for Halloween doubles as a workout 

Giant Spider with long legs

Pretty resourceful considering it's made entirely from garbage/trash bags

Snacking Squirrel, Train Engineer

That's right, this Halloween I decided to fasten
on my conductors hat and embrace a little grease

"Step aside, I'm running this train bit*h" lol

Complete with a handkerchief tucked into my back pocket

Click here to see the costume I wore last Halloween 


Kath (My Funny Little Life) said... [reply]

I absolutely love the second pic! :D Your spider is amazing. So creative!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

Cute costume! You are so pretty :-)

Anonymous said... [reply]

What an adorable costume! All of your pictures are so cute. I wish I could pull off your haircut.
And I love your decorations!

Anonymous said... [reply]

this is so exciting! you can also be "employee of taggart transcontinental," even a female john galt. :)

j3nn.net said... [reply]

Oh, you look SO cute!! And I like your leaf spider. :D

Happy Halloween!!!!

Lee said... [reply]

wow you look good sis!

Ayla said... [reply]

I love your costume! You are an adorable train engineer. Thank you for that tag by the way, it made my morning. <3

Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun said... [reply]

What a creative costume! I love it. And the spider too. That's a great way to make use of raked leaves. The spider bucket for the candy is a neat idea too.

Alexa @ Simple Eats said... [reply]

Love this costume! You look good in dirt! ;)

Heather said... [reply]

Great costume! Happy halloween to you too!

Living, Learning, Eating said... [reply]

I love your costume, it's too cute! I'd wear those overalls just like that. :P And did you know that look like a supermodel? Just thought I'd point it out.

Kristy Sayer-Jones @ Southern In Law said... [reply]

Your costume is SO cute Kels!
I hope you had a fantastic Halloween! <3

Nichole said... [reply]

OK 10 points for creativity and the fact that you didn't make it a scandalous conductor. (if you know what I mean:)

Awesome decor, I love seeing people get in the spirit! Happy Halloween!

Michelle said... [reply]

You take great pics.

Anonymous said... [reply]

happy halloween you cute little train engineer, you! (:


Anonymous said... [reply]

cute costume :)

Sylvia @ Frolic Through Life said... [reply]

I love the spider leaf bags. I've only ever seen the pumpkin bags, not that those would've come in handy around here this year because all the leaves are still on the trees.
The train conductor is a really cute costume idea!

Anonymous said... [reply]

I love that costume and the spider is a very creative way to tidy up leaves :-)

erica said... [reply]

That spider is massive how neat! Cute costume! You are the tinest thing ever!


Erica said... [reply]

I love that your costume is stylish! And that decor is super cute. I will have to do that next year

Kris | iheartwellness.com said... [reply]

You are TOO CUTE!! What a fab costume idea, so simple, yet fun!! Love it!


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