18 November 2014

Salad, Selfies and Salmon

We all have those random mornings where you wake up early feeling pumped,
ready to take on the day. These are the days I fuel with Bacon, Eggs, and Toast!

After a 20 minute hike, 10 minute jog, and a random set
of push-ups and yoga postures, I am feeling strong and fit

For lunch I packed on the protein to make a Chicken and Green Pea Salad

It was so good, with red onions, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, and Italian Vinaigrette 

The afternoon was spent smoking in the backyard,
enjoying the sunshine and crisp fresh cool autumn air

Ground that keeps me grounded ;)

#selfie!!! This sort of brings up a point about blogging. I've spent 
the last years taking selfies for Snacking Squirrel and have no
 shame in continuing the tradition. I am sure most of you would like
to see how I look, especially through all my various transformations

Dinner was a Wild Salmon Salad Wrap made with a Brown Rice Tortilla

Tucked inside was spring mix lettuce

Questions: Do you take selfies for your blog?
 How do you feel about taking self photos?
Have they helped with your self-esteem or not?


Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

I LOVE your nose piercing!!! I want one!!!

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