08 March 2015

Mom's Chicken Dinner

Don't you love having a homecooked meal?

Roasted Chicken Dinner

Tender chicken breast with my mom's "secret" herb rub

With all the fixings :)

Roasted potatoes and asparagus with red onion

So tender and savory

Gotta have gravy with my chicken

Then came the cranberry sauce dilemma...

My mom had to improvise opening the can with a knife since our can opener broke

Thankfully it worked and mom saved the day dinner!


Angie's Recipes said... [reply]

A wonderful meal, kelsey. the chicken looks really succulent and tender.
Have a great week ahead!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

Looks delicious! OMG, that would be so hard to get into a can without a can opener - I don't want to try that!

Pam said... [reply]

Home cooked meals are the best. This one looks tasty. Glad your mom was able to get the can open!

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