09 April 2010

Early Mornings

I hate those days when I wake up at 5am and can't get back to sleep because i'm restless. Anyone else experience this? Not fun; This is what happens...

Not attractive!

Luckily, bananas tend to make things better.

My favorite muffin; vegan brown rice banana blueberry chocolate chip. When I worked at Green Cuisine I ate these almost every morning. Very addicting. Oh and FYI theyre only $1.89 each. Where I live, that's insanely cheap!

Also from Green Cuisine, Split pea soup! For $5 you can get a large container worth. Again, the prices are really reasonable. It's a lot of soup and most people ration out half and save the rest for later; I choose to eat it all at once because its so good :P

On friday's I go to Moksha hot yoga with my BFF. It's a "Karma" class meaning you pay a donation and proceeds go to a charity of choice. The usual 90 min series is condensed into 60 min which is perfect for stretching out tired muscles.

Pineapple is a good pre-yoga snack if you don't like exercising on an empty stomach. I find it find it hydrating and digests quickly enough to avoid indigestion.

 And yes, I'm allowed to eat a whole one!

... with cinnamon of course ...


* said... [reply]

i hate those days too, i always awake at around 5-6 am :( not fun! i wish i was able to just sleep in one of these days!
love your eats, that muffin looks and sounds so so good! and hope you had a great yoga session that sounds wonderful, i was thinking of starting up taking yoga, mediation or pilates again it is so relaxing.


ps: thanks for the comment on my blog lovie <3

alex said... [reply]

just found your blog randomly. Love the title!! I woke up at 4am today and couldn't go back to sleep. I looked wonderful (sarcasm!) Have a wonderful night!

Chelsea (Chelsea's Chew and Run Fun) said... [reply]

Thanks for the sweet compliment on my blog! Also, welcome to the food-blog world!

Cinnamon on pineapple sounds genius! I just got pineapple with my weekly grocery haul, so I'm eager to try that.

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said... [reply]

That cafe sounds amazing!!! And pineapples are delicious. I love it with ginger syrup. I actually got a big pineapple at the store yesterday--on sale for $1.99!!! That's incredible, isn't it???


p.s. thanks for stopping by my blog :D

Jessica @ The Process of Healing said... [reply]

Oh I hate days like that!!!! When you wake up and just CAN'T go back to sleep, ugh!
That muffin looks delicious though!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Hey girl!! ahh HATE those days! girl i hope you get some rest today! love your blog-LOVE pineapple :)

Ameena said... [reply]

Okay first off I just have to say that your comment made my day! If anyone thinks I am 19 or 20? All I can say is thank you!

I am loving your insanely cheap muffin. As a gluten-free person I can see how addicting brown rice muffins could be.

I hope that you have a fabulous Saturday and get some sleep! And trust me, you look awesome when you wake up at 5 am. You should see what I look like!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Hey girl, thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi. Loving yours. :) I hate waking up and not being able to fall asleep, but 5 AM is pretty normal for me; it's anything earlier that I can't stand. But bananas do make everything better <3

Unknown said... [reply]

you really work there so you can take as many muffins as you can?

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