13 May 2010

How Skinny People Stay Skinny

The Gorgeous Lindsey @ Cardio Pizza a post called "How Skinny People Stay Skinny" which features a list of questions geared to find out just that! Feel free to answer the questions yourself and post them.

According to statistics, when compared to overweight individuals, skinny people generally don't:

•They DON'T diet
•They keep track of their weight
•They exercise regularly
•They don’t solve problems with food
•They stop eating when full
•They don’t surround themselves with temptation
•They allow themselves treats
•They eat breakfast
•They move, stand, and fidget more
•They don’t skip meals

Here are the Questions & Answers

My Stats: I'm 21 years old and approximately 5'7" tall. I don't own a scale but generally fit sizes 0-1. I'm athletically slim, and meso-ectomorphic. I come from an athletic family with no issues of weight problems, all of which have great metabolisms.

What’s your typical breakfast? I usually grab a muffin or protein bar for breakfast. Muffins are my favorite because they are compact and dense in energy and are functional. I also have egg or bean wraps, oatmeal, fruit salads, and omelets on occasion.

What’s your typical lunch? Stir-fries! I almost always have a stir-fry that consists of a protein source either lean animal protein or tempeh, 1/2 cup of beans, and a whole bunch of vegetables. Lunch is generally my largest meal so I need something that will keep my blood sugars balanced. Stir-fries are simple to make and budget-friendly.

What are some typical dinners? I generally like to keep dinner light, simple, and not very gourmet. As you know, sweet potatoes are my number one choice. I oven bake them with herbs like basil and oregano; I dip them in my tomato garlic dip which is a mix of salsas and pasta sauce. If I eat a heavy dinner, my body cannot digest it properly... I end up tossing all night with stomach distress. 

Do you eat differently on the weekends than you do on weekdays? On weekend I do take-out more often so my meals include more oils and sugars. I prefer not to cook on weekends! Weekdays make more sense to prepare my own food and pack leftovers for the next day. I find I am also more relaxed on weekends, so I will enjoy myself more and eat more for fun versus for energy.

Do you snack? Sometimes

If so, how often and on what? If I am hungry I will usually grab fruit. Snacking is generally based on my hunger level and how far apart my meals are. If I do snack it's usually before lunch or before dinner. Other options besides fruit is chocolate, energy bars, or a muffin.

Do you eat differently on holidays? Honestly, no! Our family isn't big on holiday food and any holiday baking is usually done by me. We eat the same during Christmas for instance than we do during any other time. I eat the same amount of food, although I probably don't exercise as much during the holidays.

If you’ve eaten a bigger than usual meal, do you adjust your next meals at all? Honestly it depends on HOW BIG ... if I do eat a huge meal at breakfast I'm generally full at lunch. But If I eat a big meal and am still hungry, I allow myself to eat normally. I don't cut back at all, or limit myself. If I am full though, I won't force myself to eat more than I want.

What do you do if you find that you’ve put on a few pounds? If I gain weight its almost always muscle! Otherwise it's probably sodium or temporary fluid retention that corrects itself in a few days. I don't freak out if my pants are snug, I realize my body is doing something healing, so I let it be. If I were to continue gaining then I would realize that something I'm eating is causing an allergic reaction. I generally don't gain weight at all.. water retention or swelling is all that happens.

Do you exercise? Yes

How much and how often? I don't follow a plan and base exercise on a variety of things such as weather, mood, energy, and stress. I'm not a gym bunny and I don't have a fitness regime... but I walk everywhere because I don't drive. I practice yoga twice a week though, and usually do a run every Sunday with my mom. Other than that, I do a lot of sitting and relaxing! I guess one advice I can give is to fidget. I like to turn on my music and dance while i'm cleaning, or wiggle my feet when I'm bored. It's more of a nervous energy that I do automatically; not sure if this counts as fitness lol.

Do you use artificial sweeteners? Sadly, occasionally. On weekends when I'm at a coffee shop I will grab splenda to sweeten. I really don't have an issue with splenda in small amounts, and I try not to get too anal about it. If I remember to, I will grab some stevia packets from home and use that, but generally I won't make a fuss about it.

What beverages do you drink? Water water water! I never have juice unless it is in very small amounts, or for baking. I have such an unstable blood sugar and fruit juices, or the like, set me off and I end up moody. Water or tea is my favorite... and I enjoy coffee or steamed almond milk too :)

Do you drink diet versions of soft drinks? I used to but never anymore. Honestly, if my body drinks something thats sweet yet has no calories, it just craves sugar even more. It's a phenomenon that many health experts know of where the body realizes "Oh i'm drinking pop! but where's the calories... oh must make the body crave sugar so I can get the calories"... you may have heard this theory before...

Before: Allergies & Thyroiditis

 I definitely don't diet. Before I was diagnosed with a gluten-intolerance and wheat allergy I was overweight. All I thought about was food and I was miserable and constantly yoyo-ing. When I let go of the stress and my addiction to wheat, the water weight FLEW off! I went from size 12 pants that were too tight, to a size 1 in 6 months of not even trying; I actually ate more than usual. Stress has no place in my life, I do my best to get rid of it or avoid it. Everyday I work hard to enjoy life and people and try to spin the negatives into positives. I eat what I feel will give me the most energy, but don't get trapped into the cycle of clean eating. I make sure to let myself have treats anytime I feel I need, and never feel guilty for it. I did a period of weight training that really transformed my body. I think increasing my muscle mass made a world of difference for me. I have loads of energy and can eat what I like without worrying about weight gain. I think I just choose to eat healthy and simple meals over gourmet ones. I don't like a lot of oils and barely have fried foods because that's not what fuels me, and I don't like how those foods treat my skin.

After: Happiness

Whatever your size or wherever you are on your journey, you must accept it and embrace it before you will be able to move forward. The only way I was able to get healthy and be comfortable in my skin was to focus on my life ahead and to honor the place I was currently on. Everything in life needs balance. If I only eat vegan, my body reacts... if I only eat meat, my body reacts... etc. And everyone is going to have a different path, but we HAVE to obey it and not become ignorant to what we think we want. Once we can accept it, no matter how scary it is, we can move forward and truly enjoy the riches of life!


Lola said... [reply]

Oh darling you look so good!! and a size 1, wow, i'm definetely going to leave wheat for good !! :)
you look lovely, and thanks for all the good advise!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Love your approach to eating and life in general, girl. I've been working on repairing the relationship with food, and I'm finally starting to see my focus shifting towards health instead of that crazy diet mentality, and I'm so much happier as a result.

Anonymous said... [reply]

You are beautiful, and I love your perspective and thoughts in this post! I agree with everything wholeheartedly - different things work for different people. No one thing works for everybody! So glad you've found what works for you :)
And its funny you should mention the top portion - how skinny people stay skinny. It's so true, too! I've never met a skinny healthy person that says "sorry, I'm on a diet." And they're always eating. Yet on the other hand, I've seen so many people "on diets" skipping meals, or even go so far as to say "well, I'm not eating lunch since we're going to the movies tonight and I want to have popcorn." From an ADULT, mind you. I was scratching my head with that one.

Heather (Where's the Beach) said... [reply]

Love seeing blogger buddies posting this one. I think it was a great post by Lindsey. I answered a few of the questions on her page. I totally agree that we all have our own paths!

Beth @ Beth's Journey to Thin said... [reply]

I love this post! I've seen it around on a few different blogs and I think its so interesting to read. It seems like you don't have to try too hard, just listen to your body, to maintain your weight. I, on the other hand, really have to try. I still think about food a lot and have to steer myself clear of bad food decisions. I thought it would get easier, and it definitely has, but I still struggle.

Danielle (Coffee Run) said... [reply]

I loveee your philosophy...and your flawless skin :)
And it's so true! Every thin person I know doesn't "try" to be thin. They eat when they're hungry, stop when they're full, indulge a little, and don't diet!

We should all be doing what's best for us :)

Lauren @ Health on the Run said... [reply]

This was so interesting to read! I'm always really fascinated by other's eating habits because you're right -- different things work for different people. I'm glad that you've been able to find the balance that works best for YOU. You seem to have a really healthy relationship with food...and I'm sure that must be a relief after struggling with your gluten allergies.

And I like the points at the beginning too. It's really important to remember that (most) people who are thin are NOT dieting...they are eating for life.

Anonymous said... [reply]

You're gorgeous! I loved reading this and hearing more about your lifestyle. I'm starting to suspect that I may have a gluten-intolerance as I'm currently on day 4 of no gluten and although I'm eating around 2000 calories a day, I'm losing weight and my hair, skin, teeth and nails are looking shinier and healthier. :)

Lee said... [reply]

is mcdonalds ok?

Anonymous said... [reply]

You make such a valid point. It's much better being stress free about weight (and life in general) because it makes everything else so much more enjoyable in life. You are glowing soooo much more since you have cut out the wheat in your life. You don't mind me telling YOU how gorgeous you are right? Haha, I know I don't midn :) Oh man...I need my oats though :( But I think I'm doing okay, I dont have an intolerance. Sometimes I do get a fiber belly from eating TOO much veggies. Haha.

That's so awesome that you gain weight in terms of muscle! Lucky girl. That will keep you looking fabulous and lean forever :)

Lauren said... [reply]

Wow, I have to admit this post made me a little envious of you. You seem so happy and carefree, you don't seem to worry about food too much, and when you gain weight its all muscle. Don't get me wrong- I am so happy for you! I am not envious in a malicious way, but an admiring way, if that makes sense. I definitely admire you and think that you have a healthy attitude and a beautiful glow. I aspire to have your always positive outlook one day.
And I thank you for sharing that you did struggle in the past with allergies and thyroid problems. Sometimes it is difficult to talk about those types of things, but you have certainly come a long way in finding your healthy balance and it shows. Not just in pictures, but mostly in your writing! You are a beautiful person inside and out.

Thanks for comment on my blog. That is pretty crazy that our grandparents are so similar. I'm sure our grandmothers would get along very well haha. And I definitely agree with you about facebook and the superficial-ness of it all. Blogging is so much better for connecting and learning and growing.
Hope you have an excellent night love <3

Averie @ Averie Cooks said... [reply]

great post and outlook and i think that what they say naturally thin people are...that at it's finest, this is really what i term "intuitive eating" and that if you watch a child (who hasn't been "corrupted") that they will eat this way. Our "intuition" can become very flawed and skewed in the world as we age though...clearly. And most people can't even find their eating intutition which is sad.

Anonymous said... [reply]

I am up way too late right now packing but I am so happy that I came online and saw you posted lady! What a great post. I definitely agree with how thin tend to stay thin. I have never dieted intentionally and ALWAYS eat breakfast (or you don't want to be around me-miss cranky pants!). I definitely have never kept track of my weight and eat chocolate (treats) everyday. The questions you answered were also wonderful to read and you are so stunning lady love! Your gluten free life has probably not only changed you physically but also mentally. That is a beautiful thing. Goodnight!

Simply Life said... [reply]

Thanks for sharing part of your story!

dana said... [reply]

I love this post! First of all you look so gorgeous in the picture, love the sunlight! I love how you approach food now. Seems like you have a really healthy outlook, allowing your self treats every once and a while and not feeling guilty. How did you find out you had a gluten intolerance? I'd really like to know!


Christina said... [reply]

Thanks for sharing!! I love your approach to food.

I follow a lot of the skinny people rules too, except I find that I do better if I don't track my weight. Like you, I prefer to go by how my clothes fit!

runnerforever said... [reply]

You have such a great relationship with your body and food, way to go girl!

Katie said... [reply]

Thanks for sharing your story!

Anonymous said... [reply]

You look beautiful!! Thanks for such an open post.

Mandiee said... [reply]

I can't believe I didn't comment on this post until now! I really loved reading it and admire your strength in doing what's right for you, even if it's hard at times. You are absolutely beautiful and I can see that your healthy lifestyle is to attribute to it. I find it hard to eat intuitively sometimes because I'm usually never really hungry, but it's so great that you can. What a lovely message about being and staying healthy & doing what's right for yourself! I want to spread this message as well and might repost it on my blog.

Have a lovely day!

meg @ The Gluten-Free Ginger said... [reply]

Wow, your story is so similar to mine! I too struggled with my weight due to undiagnosed food allergies, despite being highly active and eating very little. Now I eat much more and work out much less, and the weight has just flown off! I love your relaxed attitude- I'm getting there, still learning what works for me, and often am afraid to allow myself treats or skip a workout for fear of quickly gaining weight like I used to. Sorry for writing so much, it's just crazy how much I related to this post! Thanks so much for sharing, I'm glad I found your blog!

megan said... [reply]

so interesting! I'm a new reader, so this is all new to me. What an amazing difference finding out about your allergies, etc has made.

I follow most of those rules, but I LOVE to eat, so I think about food/cooking a lot. And I think I'm addicted to sugar. I need to work on that.

Ali said... [reply]

Great article! I love the before & after shots - especially the "happy" comment on your after shot.

Erica said... [reply]

What an interesting set of questions! You have a very healthy outlook- love it!Amazing how much you've changed since finding out about your allergies- just fantastic. Glad you are happy pretty lady ;)

Ameena said... [reply]

You have the most beautiful skin! You literally glow.

I am also gluten-intolerant but I've never heard of someone being so intolerant that they gain a lot of weight from it. I can't believe how much eliminating gluten has helped you. From a 12 to a 1 in 6 months? Amazing.

So glad you found what works for you. You have a fantastic mindset when it comes to food!!

Anonymous said... [reply]

I IDOLIZE YOUR APPROACH! and we are the same height and size! see more reaosn we need to live closer, you can not only bake me sweet potatoes we can share clothes!!

i am so happy you found what works for you esp with the intolerances :)

ps- i totally DISagree with those 'keep the weight off tips' in the begining haha...

Anonymous said... [reply]

Oh I love your answers and your pics are beautiful. Not because you are thin but because you are HAPPY. You are adorbs!

Rebekah (clarity in creation.) said... [reply]

girl your skin is gorgeous! i wish i could help girls understand that the more you stress over the weight = the more you struggle! relaxing REALLY does drop the pounds off! no one wants to waste their life worrying about their weight.

Anonymous said... [reply]

happiness is the exact right word for it. it's not about look it's about how you feel; "find your happy weight"

Kris | iheartwellness.com said... [reply]

Good for you Doll! This is a great post!

I agree that people do not need to diet, they need to eat healthy and when they are hungry!

You look great!


Sarena Shasteen - The Non-Dairy Queen said... [reply]

You are amazing and thank you so much for sharing your story! I could not agree more with what anyone has said about health in a long time! I follow the same food and fitness philosophy that you do and I feel great! It does take knowledge of what makes you feel good and what is wrong for your body! It also takes discipline to not eat those things. Food is an addiction if you let it be. Oh, you made me so happy today reading this! Good for you...I think you are beautiful!

Adrien said... [reply]

I'm so behind on reading, but just got caught up on EVERYTHING- I loved this post- learned so much about you!

We're so lucky to live in Victoria, it's one of the best cities for walking around!

MoonHorse said... [reply]

Hi! I love your blog, I often read it but I never commented before..
Your story is amazing!
I am not celiac, but I was feeling bad, my stomach bloated after eating any food and the doctor told me to stop eating gluten and lactose. Since then I feel so much better, but I'm retaining liquids, how you did to get rid of them? Thank you!

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