31 July 2010

Testing 1-2-3

Hey there Squirrels and Chipmunks!
I have a little package to share with all of you :)

The lovely Blue Eyed Heart sent me my winning Giveaway package
I actually received it over a week ago but never got a chance to open it until now

I can't buy these here so you can imagine how excited
I am to open up these bad boys! Especially the Justin's Butter
since all of you tease me on your blogs with pictures of these

Yummy NuGo Dark Chocolate

Gotta love the 10 grams of Protein!

I don't know how many of you have tried this one but i'm seriously recommending
that you do! The chocolate flavor is intense and dominating in the best way

Before I get to the meat and potatoes wheat and gluten of this post, I
 gotta show you this cute antenna decoration I saw on some random car...

 How cute is that little guy??? .. whatever it is...

If you thought I learnt my lesson yesterday with the
 wrap, think again my friends! Time for Wrap Redemtion!!!

Made with wraps from Indian Life which I 
was so excited to eat again after so many years

Damn, this was just what the Doctor ordered lol

But the question is how did I feel afterwards?
Well, absolutely fine. No pain or bloating... just a little tummy 
gurglingPossibly because it was giggling its gastric juices in happiness.

BioCard Celiac Test Kit

Here it is Folks, the Celiac Testing Kit. Tonight I will be finding out 
my fate and you will see the results on tomorrows post. It 
was $50.00 which may be a lot to some of you. Because its as accurate as
simple lab testing for Celiac Disease, I feel it was worth every penny.

Of course, like many suggested, a biopsy of the small intestine is truly
 the most thorough testing method. But the BioCard Kit is a quicker process

 Question: Take a guess, do you think I will
test Positive or Negative for Celiac Disease?


Kristy Sayer-Jones @ Southern In Law said... [reply]

I'm hoping you test negative! Fingers crossed!

I am soooooooo desperate to try Justin's Nut Butter! I'm making my boyfriend bring me some next time he comes back to Australia.
I just wish he'd hurry up! He has a big long list to bring back :P - Peanut butter, snacks, you name it!

Annie :D said... [reply]

that bar looks yummy!

And I hope you don't have celiacs!! My fingers are crossed for ya too

Lee said... [reply]

Try the wendys spicy chicken sandwich...but add bacon...omg awesome. Plus the bread will make the doctors happyer!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Negative all the way. That salmon wrap looks awesome!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Oh hun, I really hope you test negative because Celiac is a seriously awful disease...it's more than just gluten or wheat intolerance, it is an autoimmune disease and it can lead to serious problems down the line and its really dangerous to even get a trace of wheat or gluten. I know you know all of this so I don't know why I'm babbling...I just really hope you don't have it! I have a digestive illness-inflammatory bowel disease, not Celiac...I know they are completely different but I also have a friend with Celiac and I relate to her a lot...because both of our conditions are difficult to control and manage. I wouldn't want you to deal with the things that she does...and also you seem to be really enjoying your wheat haha. Good luck with the test love! I'm hoping for the best.

Re:yesterdays post about commenting- I agree. Sometimes you spend more time commenting than reading. Especially someone like me, I tend to write more in the comments section than the person wrote in the actual post. Can't help it. I'm cutting way back on my computer/blog time though..it gets to be a little too much after a while. We need to have lives outside of blogging too, right? Don't feel too pressured to comment on everything. It's not such a big deal. You should be out there enjoying life!

Anonymous said... [reply]

I'm hoping for a negative!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Yay, I'm glad you liked the bar! :)

About the test... I'm hoping for a negative!!

<3 <3

Chef Dennis Littley said... [reply]

I hope its negative....but its better to know if you do have it, there are so many more options now, I just bought some gluten free all purpose flour to try, some of my girls have celiac.....
lots of positive thoughts are going your way!!

Anonymous said... [reply]

I'm staying positive, and saying that your test will come back negative :) I'm really hoping that's the case, anyway, because even if you're not crazy about wheat, life is so much easier when you don't have to deal with allergies. I have a really severe one to peanuts, and it definitely complicates a lot of things.

Oh, and that little antenna guy is adorable. I'm such a sucker for cute things like that...

Monet said... [reply]

I hope that whatever the results are...it will give you the tools you need to have a happy and healthy stomach and gi tract! And goodness...that wrap looked so good! I loved seeing the salmon and all of the crunchy vegetables. And I agree...the antenna guy is too cute!

Anonymous said... [reply]

I'm really glad you didn't have any symptoms after trying another wrap. Although I'd have to say, that was quite brave of you to try again. I'm also crossing my fingers and toes for you that the test shows negative! Goodluck Kelsey!

Anonymous said... [reply]

I'm sending gluten-loving vibes your way! It's a very good sign that you're feeling okay after eating wheat products!

That salmon wrap looks tasty!

Anonymous said... [reply]

I'm so jealous of you prize! That bar looks so scrumptious! Okay, I feel bad for saying this since I'm vegetarian, but that salmon wrap looks very yummy!

I'm gonna send all my good vibes your way! Good luck! <3

Nina said... [reply]

Ohh, the chocolate chip mint bar looks so irresistable!

And I love the little antenna guy, a company selling soda in my country used to give them free last summer and they had a whole campaign about giving love to other people - they wanted people to give these little dolls to somebody they love or leave them somewhere so somebody else would find them and be happy about it. You can see it in this beautiful commercial they made, the slogan at the end means something like : "The more love you give, the more love you get"


It was a huge boom because everybody loved them and people started to make their own ones and give them to other people, this is a whole blog about them and also a guide how to make your own little guy, but I don't know if it's any good for you because it's written in slovak language, but it contains a lot of pictures.


Haha I make a whole presentation about these cute little guys for you :)

I totally believe that your test will be negative, I can't wait for the results, it's so exciting although you said you don't really like wheat that much, fingers crossed!

Joanne said... [reply]

Oh god I'm so anxious for you! I'm hoping for a negative. And I'm so waiting with bated breath!

Chelsea said... [reply]

That bar looks so good! Chocolate and mint is one of my favourite flavour pairings! :D

That's so awesome that you didn't have any pain after eating that wrap! I'm crossing my fingers that the test comes back negative!

Megan D said... [reply]

I hope you test negative!

Alsoo that Nugo bar looks so delish. And Justin's is my favorite nut butter ever! Great package!!

Anonymous said... [reply]

I've been reading about Justin's everywhere!

Good luck with the test - hope you are negative -..I wouldn't want to know what I am LOL because there are things that just can't go ;)

Anonymous said... [reply]

i hope you don't test positive. that way, you can CHOOSE to eat gf or not, or jus tlimit your intake, as opposed to having to do it. fingers crossed for you!!
omg that cinnamon bun from a couple days ago looks amazing! and everything else you're eating of course lol. i hope that your stomach hasn't been paining you tooo much.
take care and good luck!
ps. you're a brave soul!
p.p.s. email me tdats{@}hotmail{dot}com . im home for a few more weeks and only an hour and a half away from youuu!!

T. Leah said... [reply]

It looks like a pregnancy test! I hope you test negative for little gluten babies

Anonymous said... [reply]

As always you made me hungry :)

I hope the best for your test!

Your best advice said... [reply]

I want to be positive......so I say it will be negative

Anonymous said... [reply]


And I tried the Justin's PB- honey I think last week and it was SO good!

Anonymous said... [reply]

How interesting that you can now test yourself for celiac! I bet the test comes back negative! I took a test 2 years ago and it went to a lab in San Diego and it came back...inconclusive. This happens a lot apparently.

I've self-diagnosed that I am gluten-intolerant. Luckily I don't have an allergy but I do feel better when I avoid it.

Crossing my fingers for you Kelsey!

Anonymous said... [reply]

I love wraps! And all things gluten. I couldn't imagine having a gluten allergy and am hoping that you don't as well :)

Anonymous said... [reply]

Just posted something myself about Nugo Darks http://shannalikebanana.wordpress.com/2010/07/30/my-favortie-protein-bars/ I LOVE them..sooo freakin' tasty. I haven't tried the mint yet but I think I'll have too ;)

Krista said... [reply]

That wrap looks divine! I'm hoping I've got a can of salmon in the pantry to make one for lunch now. Hehe!! Gonna keep reading to see how the test went.....

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