11 October 2010

Thanksgiving Marathon

Guess who completed her first Half-Marathon on Sunday?

That's right, me! But i'm a bad blogger for not telling
 you all sooner! The reason was because I wasen't sure
 if my cold would linger on and stop me from running, 
but thankfully I felt ready yesterday morning. 

It was freezing and I didn't "train" for it, maybe a few 
long runs in per month. My official time was 2:07:49

 I was hoping to stay under 2 hours, but the conditions were terrible! It was so crowded that I spent the whole time darting through people millimeters away from me. I hate this because you never get a chance to get into your "zone" of pace.

Before leaving, my Dad found this cute pink dragon plushy

So freaking cute :)

Oh and i'll show you the Swag Bag we got for signing up.

Pretty sweet that it's made from recycled material!

So the goodies weren't great, but at least the bag rocked.
Haha I love how they threw in Body Break Vitamins... 

I mean... seriously? LOL

Just in case you're wondering, yes I beat my parents :)
Only by a minute though... I almost got schooled!!!

Besides finding random funny cartoons, life has been so much busier than I ever imagined. I'm sure many of you are feeling really swamped lately too! Have patience with me if you haven't seen many of my comments. Hopefully I can catch up with everyone tomorrow. Hugs and Kisses to all of you!!!

Oh and before I go, 
Happy Thanksgiving 
to fellow Canadians! 


Lea @ Healthy Coconut said... [reply]

Congrats...that's a rocking time girly :)Be very proud for accomplishing and completing a half marathon. I've done it and it's a lot of hard work and discipline to train. I'm proud of you!

I love that your parents are runners too, my dad can do 5K but I don't think he wants to do half marathon yet.

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