22 December 2010

Appetizing Algae

My bottle of E3Live has been in my freezer forever... I always forget I have it

The stuff looks and tastes kind of gross but its amazing for boosting energy! 

It's also fabulous to add to yogurt for a delicious and nutritious parfait snack

Just add Stevia, and you won't even know there's algae in there :)

I topped it with 1/2 cup of Smart Bran Psyllium Cereal by Nature's Path

Every snack needs that "Crunch Factor"

Question: Have you tried 


Jessica said... [reply]

Great use for the algae :)

I've never tried it, but I may well do so now you've alerted me to its benefits.

Maca powder is something I genuinely believe has healing benefits, and I love to use it in protein shakes/smoothies.

Tatianna said... [reply]

I don't usually go for any of those products that are supposed to boost energy or vitamin intake ... I just figure that I get what I am supposed to from my food (aside from calcium.. I take that every morning!). Very interesting though :P

Ayla said... [reply]

Never tried it but I definitely would! Even if it looks like slimy green goo. Wait, spirulina is kind of similar, right? I use that so I guess I've KIND of tried it.

Anonymous said... [reply]

i love smart bran!! i have a huge bottle of spirulina that i use once in a while, definitely need to mask the taste with some stevia haha :)

Chelsea said... [reply]

I've never tried anything like that! But I'm sure I get similar benefits from the seaweed in all the sushi I eat! :D

Red Deception said... [reply]

I have not, but I have tried various probiotics. I am not a huge fan of supplements, unless I have strong research that it's helpful for my health. I am a big fan of the Omega 3s!

Jess said... [reply]

I've never heard of anything like that, haha! Interesting indeed. Super healthy!
<3 jess

nourishedwellness said... [reply]

I LOVE E3 live. It's an awesome product! I do tend to forget its in my freezer though...

Anonymous said... [reply]

never had that before! i wonder how that would work for me because seaweeds tend to wreck my digestion. hmmm off to research :)

Anonymous said... [reply]

I've never had algae before!

Anonymous said... [reply]

First of all, let me say that I LOVE the name of your blog, and you are super gorgeous!! :)

I have used spirulina before and really liked it in smoothies... I really should pick up some more!

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons said... [reply]

I haven't! I worked in a vitamin store for a year in college and got HOOKED on Spirulina capsuls hardcore... and haven't really been splurging on vitamins and supplements since.

So funny that you posted this b/c I was just talking about going back into an algae regimen b/c I used to feel SO GOOD back when I took the stuff before. But now there are SO MANY products on the market! eek!

Do you have any other favorites? I'm dying to talk supplements now ;) hehe

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Mandiee said... [reply]

I've never tried it but would definitely be up for it if given the chance. I'm a huge fan of seaweed, so maybe I'd like this, too? Great idea with adding it to yogurt with stevia. I love the taste of stevia; it definitely can be a miracle worker!

Have a lovely day!

Marianne (frenchfriestoflaxseeds) said... [reply]

I've tried E3Live at a few different health and wellness shows before. It's...interesting. I don't hate it, but it's not like I crave it either. Don't know that I would ever buy it, as I'm not sure how much benefit it would really be giving me.

Yuki said... [reply]

YES - my mom used to force me to drink that like 3 times a day. i never enjoyed it though... lol

Krista said... [reply]

I've never tried algae, but I love that Smart Bran!! ;)

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

Never tried it, I don't think.

Missy said... [reply]

Isn't that supossed to help digestion and tummy woes?
I think I remember reading that...

Do you have any tips on what helps your digestive tract personally? I see you get plenty of psyllium!

Might make for an interesting post....I'm about ready to start pre-soaking grains and also soaking beans in Kombu...I'm too lazy but DANG my tummy.


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