03 January 2012

Raspberry Coconut Bran Muffin

Each year begins the same as hundreds of thousands of people embark upon a 
new years resolution to diet. Although the intentions are well and the effort is 
in place, the motivation to continue on a new plan typically dies after the first 
few weeks. As tempting as it may be to follow suit, I have a much better idea...

Don't diet! Save yourself the unnecessary disappointment,
ravenous cravings and rebound weight gain by eating a sensible, 
balanced diet that allows for muffins, pizza, burgers, chocolate, etc.

Raspberry Coconut Bran Muffin from Cascadia Bakery 

Why would you want to start the year off feeling miserable, trying to follow monotonous,
bland diet plans that restrict you from eating out with friends and celebrating your life?

Of course, I am no expert on diet and nutrition, but it seems pretty clear that if you make
 daily goals to eat more vegetables, increase your daily activity, enjoy treats in moderation,
smile and laugh, then you have the only recipe you'll need for a happy and healthy life

And there's no way I could ever be happy without knowing there was 
occasionally a delicious muffin and tea waiting for me in the morning!

This Raspberry Coconut Bran Muffin is a new addition to the Cascadia family

Plus it's a bran muffin so you know you'll get some benefits out of it... haha

Question: What are your views on diet resolutions? 


Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

I don't really have an opinion on diet resolutions ... I have never really made one, other than to drink more water :-)

Lauren said... [reply]

i agree with your plan! Hahah the muffin looks amazing :)

Chelsea said... [reply]

I agree that being overly restrictive is just setting yourself up for failure. It's much better to take a more moderate approach and make room for some treats in your diet!

Sarena Shasteen - The Non-Dairy Queen said... [reply]

Mine is going to be to eat more muffins! I consider it a lifestyle goal after reading this post! YUM!

Red Deception said... [reply]

Resolutions seem slightly fleeting, but I think it an achievable and reasonable goal is made... it can lead to personal growth!

Anonymous said... [reply]

I won't lie, I've made diet resolutions before but not this year. This year I didn't make any resolutions at all so I can enjoy a delicious muffin every once in a while too :)

Anonymous said... [reply]

I couldn't agree more with your opinions on diet resolutions. I can't say I've never made them in the past- I have, numerous times. But, I've come to realize that enjoying life, focusing on healthy foods, and listening to my body is much more important (and enjoyable!)

Sara @ Nourish and Flourish said... [reply]

Mmm...I want to try to recreate this muffin! Or maybe I should just come visit you! :-)

I'm actually making some food-related resolutions this year (which I'll be posting about in the next few days), but they're going to help me live more moderately--and muffins are totally allowed! I couldn't imagine a life without sweet eats! xoxo

Sarah@The Flying Onion said... [reply]

I would hate to feel deprived, so I couldn't agree with you more.

A healthy diet is one that consists of wholesome, natural foods with wiggle room for everything else. Life without pizza (and muffins) wouldn't be living at all. ;)

Great post!

bianca said... [reply]

Yum! This muffin looks amazingly delish!

Kris | iheartwellness.com said... [reply]

Hi gorgeous!! Great post and GREAT looking muffin! I wish I could eat it now...dang grain free diet.

I agree that people usually feel more miserable than happy because of the crazy resolutions, but I also think if you want to change your life, it has to be a life change! Not just for a month. you see my grain free diet is a MISSION I'm on ;) LOL! Dang clear skin!


Monet said... [reply]

I want to be more organized, thoughtful and enjoy every moment I can. Thank you for sharing yet another delectable muffin. I'm exhausted after my first day back from vacation, but happy to be reading your words and seeing your eats! I hope you are doing well, my friend.

Marianne (frenchfriestoflaxseeds) said... [reply]

I don't think diet resolutions in and of themselves are a bad thing - but they need to be realistic, achievable, and sustainable as a lifestyle change. You also need to be flexible and realize that sometimes you will be in a situation where you may just not be able to stick to those resolutions, and that it's okay. One day does not undo the work you have put into your goal.

Unknown said... [reply]

I just want the recipe for this muffin! bought the raspberry coconut bran muffin from Cascadia Bakery this morning and it was fantastic!

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