08 November 2014

Craft: Halloween Hanging Ghosts

Halloween Hanging Ghosts
created by Snacking Squirrel

This super easy craft uses basic household items and takes minutes 
to make. A great and fun idea for the family or when you need a quick 
and simple Halloween decoration idea, without having to leave the house

Here's What You'll Need:

1. White or semi-clear white plastic bags

2. String, permanent marker, and scissors

3. Newspaper

4. Paper towel

Step One: Roll one piece of newspaper into a ball, then
 place on a corner of another sheet and roll again, repeating
one or two more times until you reach the size of a baseball

Step Two: Finally, place the ball onto paper towel, and
roll it around until the newsprint doesn't show through

Should look something like this

This will be the "ghost's head"

Step Three: Place in the center of a plastic bag

Step Four: Tightly squeeze at the neck, letting the
 plastic bag handles hang below, using string to fasten

Tie the string into a knot, cutting the extras off

Step Five: Use your scissors to cut halfway
 up the bag creating a bunch of "arms and legs"

Cut as many as you's like your ghost to have

Should look something like this...

Step Six: Using your permanent Jiffy Marker, draw
 on whatever ghoulish face you'd like your ghost to have

Step Seven: Squeeze at the back of the head until you form a tip 
that you can tie another string around which your ghost will hang from

Look at Casper floating around so fancily

These are so quick, easy, and simple to make

My three little ghosties

Halloween may be over, but next years fun is just around the corner!


Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

You are fun!! I like it :-)

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