20 November 2014

Hot Wax How To

I love starting the day off right with a hearty meal of oats

Gluten Free Flax Oatmeal with Sliced Banana, 
Thawed Frozen Cherries, and Ground Flaxseeds

Flax on Flax, and so deliciously healthy for you

After a breakfast like this, my energy is high and I am raring to start the day

Plus the cherries leftover from Summer makes me 
temporarily forget that Winter is slowly approaching

Like many women, I love to wax! And also like many women, I struggle to 
perfect the art of in-home, self-waxing. Since I think I've found an easy
 solution for a pesky cold wax problem, my How To: Hot Wax Edition

I used Nair Brazillian Spa Clay Wax Strips which utilizes its "Perfect Temp"
 Technique... essentially a snotty way of saying get ready to rub your hands 
together raw because your body heat/friction is hot enough to melt the wax!

The problem is that you have to constantly rub the wax strips between your 
hands for as long as it takes to produce enough friction to heat and melt the wax...

But it doesn't work, I would know, I have tried and rubbed my hands raw!!!

See the proof above? Well, lets see if my solution 
will fix this tiresome complication...Oh NO Nair ;)

Solution: Water Kettle

Once the water starts to boil, I place a strip of wax over the surface of the glass...

In no time at all the wax quickly melts

Ta-Da! Ready to use without killing my hands 
and arms trying to Cave-Man-Style heat it up!

Questions: Do you use hot wax
 products? Which are your favourites?


Liz @ iheartvegetables said... [reply]

Haha that's smart! How does the wax itself work? I feel like I haven't had a lot of success with those types of things, but it would be nice to find one that works!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

I've never used hot wax before ... ever! Haha!

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