26 May 2010

Dark Chocolate Redemption

After yesterday's dark chocolate bar fail, I feel the need to assure you I still love dark chocolate! Yes 80% rocks! I think the product I bought tasted yuckie because the company used a dark truffle filling that had zero sweetener. I'm guessing all the agave in the product was solely in the outer portion. Btw in case you were curious, yes I still ate most of it hehe.

But alas, it was time for Chocolatey Redemption...

dark chocolate vegan protein bar made with peanuts, peanut butter, and coconut. The protein comes from ground up raw millet and quinoa powder!

I always keep them in the fridge to cool and take them out right before eating. Anyone else keep their food bars refrigerated?

Grabbed a banana then hit up a $5 Moksha hot yoga class...

Came home, read some blogs, and was inspired to make another egg wrap with kale and spinach :)

Slathered with stone ground yellow and brown mustards!

I know I said I'd try putting the wrap under the George Foreman Grill, but I was too hungry to wait for this to be devoured!

Next time...

Picked up a whole bunch of Raw Organic Food Bars that were on sale for $1.50, originally $3.50!!!

The chocolate chip fibre one is my favorite.. at 14 grams of chewy acacia fibre mixed with chocolate, you can't go wrong. This one, Chocolatey Chocolate Chip, is my second favorite.

My take-out box of goodies from Green Cuisine was much more incredible this time.. especially since this was the first time I actually tried falafels! I'm hooked!

Salad greens, arame seaweed, red onions, steamed broccoli and kale, falafel, succotash bean stew with corn and edamame, BBQ smoked tempeh, creamy red rice, golden beets fresh salsa, cayenne pepper, chili powder, and nutritional yeast. Whew!

Thank you for sharing you Wisdom Teeth stories with me. Unfortunately the pain is getting much worse. I woke up literally crying from the nerves in my jaw and can barely open my mouth so you can imagine how long it took me to eat today. I have an appointment with the dentist tomorrow morning, I'll let you know how that goes!


Sandra said... [reply]

the chocolate looks really yummy too...but I have to admit I prefer the ones that are below 80% ;)

Anonymous said... [reply]

That protein bar looks good! Like a coconut brownie or something. And I didn't comment before, but I got my wisdom teeth out in high school and it wasn't bad!! Don't fret about it dear :-)

Sarena Shasteen - The Non-Dairy Queen said... [reply]

Oh no, I hope your tooth feels better! I had braces and retainers and everything imaginable done to my mouth as a kid, so I feel your pain. There is not much worse that your mouth hurting. I hope they make it feel better quickly!

Jessica (Healthy Exposures) said... [reply]

That protein bar looks and sounds amazing - love the protein from quinoa and millet :) Too cool.
I hope you're able to get some relief from the pain after your appointment tomorrow!

Michelle said... [reply]

Those bars look so good! I wish I could get them here, where do you buy them?

Kris | iheartwellness.com said... [reply]

I hope your teeth feel better love!!

YUM this bar looks fab! I have never seen it before.

I do love the chocolate chip raw bars too! They are always in my purse for the movies and outings! Perfect, satisfying snack!


MJC said... [reply]

I had all 4 wisdom teeth out at 16! Mine came in early and my dentist said it would be best to remove them early before they caused me problems. It is a pain to go through (literally), but once they're out, you're done! Good luck hun!

Lee said... [reply]

Juicey, hot, medium rare steak...t bone steak, marinated in sauces with lobster on the side

Thats heaven

Krista said... [reply]

I'll have to keep an eye out or those bars you posted about. I usually just keep mine in the cupboard, AKA, room temp.

Hope all goes well at the dentist tomorrow!!

claire said... [reply]

I can't believe I haven't needed to get my wisdom teeth taken out yet, crazy stuff. Hope you start feeling better soon lady! The quinoa and millet in the chocolate protein bar sounds great, I do keep some of my bars in the fridge too for extra freshness. The bbq tempeh, falafel, and beets in your dinner...yum!

alex said... [reply]

I like the lame chocolate the most - white chocolate!!!

Good luck tomorrow, I wish everything gets figured out :)

Laury@TheFitnessDish said... [reply]

WOW..never saw the Quinoa protein bar!! Must be a Canadian only treat? ;-) I must try and re-create that one!!! mmmmmmm

Thanks for the reply, that was VERY helpful...I am going to look into the Clinical Nutrition programs in the US and see about working with a Naturopathic doc!

* said... [reply]

wow that protein bar looks and sounds so good! and the raw organic food bars are so good...Dark chocolate is the best! i probs eat some dark chocolate almost every day. its obligatory ;)


Anonymous said... [reply]

Hope you feel better! Wisdom teeth pain sounds so painful.

Falafel are delicious - when I was in Israel I ate them all the time; they're so filling and scrumptious.

Katie @ Health for the Whole Self said... [reply]

I don't keep my bars in the fridge right now, but I might try it out - it sounds good!

Good luck at the dentist!

sophia said... [reply]

Good luck on the wisdom teeth! I think I need to get mine checked, too...it's really starting to hurt as well.

I have the same GF grill as you!

Beth @ Beth's Journey to Thin said... [reply]

Woohoo 3.50 bars for 1.50!?! I love a good deal.

Sorry to hear about your teeth! I hope everything goes OK. Keep us posted!

Averie @ Averie Cooks said... [reply]

always keep bars and desserts in the fridge AND i freeze fruit too b/c i like it that way

love your sale finds...woo hoo!

Anonymous said... [reply]

oh my gah that protein bar sounds awesome at the top! such a great idea to put the bar in the fridge.. YUMMM! great sale finds too!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Good luck at your appointment! I need to try the kale & egg combo in a wrap, it sounds delicious. Green Cuisine looks like a must visit next time I'm in Victoria, too!

Lauren said... [reply]

So sorry to hear about your wisdom teeth, love. Hope the dentist can help you and you feel better soon.

I'm always jealous of those protein bars. They look so good and I can never find them anywhere. I do keep bars in the fridge. The only packaged bars that I usually buy are Larabars, which I keep in the fridge, and when I make homemade bars I always put them in the fridge too. I also keep nuts and seeds and some grains in the fridge. I just like them that way.

Have a good night! xoox

Anonymous said... [reply]

Hey girl!
I just found your blog and I'm so happy to see another Canadian girl =)
I'm in Ontario but we didn't have any May 24 parades! too bad
Come check out my new blog and giveway if you can!

CaSaundraLeigh said... [reply]

That egg wrap sounds really good!

Heather (Where's the Beach) said... [reply]

Girl I hope you get good news from the dentist....sorry to hear that you're in such pain. Take care!!

Amanda @ . seek . said... [reply]

Ouch. Sorry about your teeth :( I'm a big baby when it comes to dentists, but I also can't handle dealing with tooth pain. I hope they're able to help you.

Katie said... [reply]

I've only had the cinnamon raisin go organic bar but I loved it!

Hope your teeth feel better soon...

Danielle (Runs on Green) said... [reply]

I've never thought to store my bars in the fridge...but if you say it's good then I'll give it a shot!

I'm *obsessed* with my GF grill. It can do it all :) Hope your teeth feel better!

Anonymous said... [reply]

im gonna have to stay true to my love of 100% cocoa or chocolate haha...yours appear like brownies???

I LOVE sauteed kale and the stone ground mustard too and i use the same kind you do that stuff is BOMB!!! i also used it on oxtails last night!

Anonymous said... [reply]

im gonna have to stay true to my love of 100% cocoa or chocolate haha...yours appear like brownies???

I LOVE sauteed kale and the stone ground mustard too and i use the same kind you do that stuff is BOMB!!! i also used it on oxtails last night!

Lauren @ Health on the Run said... [reply]

I also love 80% cocoa. Even though it's a little bitter, I find them delicious!! :) Glad you were able to find some choco-redemption :)

I'm so sorry your teeth are feeling worse;. :( Good luck at the dentist today!!

Anonymous said... [reply]

I wish we could get those bars over here!! The U.K. is seriously lagging behind!
We can get the raw organic bars though, I love them (:
Sorry to hear about your teeth, it must be horrible...hope that the dentist can help you somehow xxxx

Anonymous said... [reply]

I wish we could get those bars over here!! The U.K. is seriously lagging behind!
We can get the raw organic bars though, I love them (:
Sorry to hear about your teeth, it must be horrible...hope that the dentist can help you somehow xxxx

Molly said... [reply]

ahh I had all my wisdom teeth extracted in 8th grade to make room for my other teeth... i have a tiny mouth apparently.
good luck with yours!

Katie ♥ said... [reply]

awwwwwwwwwwww love I am glad you have a dentist appt, you can not be in pain like that : ( you have to get that taken care of! Let me know what the dentist says!

I am loving that chocolate bar, and what agreat idea to put bars in the fridge?!!!! How the heck did I never think of that!! Genius!!!

Love the wrap!

Have a great day girl!!!! xoxoxo

Cardiopizza said... [reply]

I hope the appointment goes well!

Those chocolate bars are making me drool at my desk lol!

hbobier said... [reply]

I'm officially jealous that your yoga class is only $5. The one I go to (very infrequently) is $15!

Good luck at the dentist--you'll feel so much better in a few weeks once those bad boys are yanked outta there!

Lola said... [reply]

I have to weeks trying to go wheat free but i can't do it!! my parents buy a lot of bread and wheat tortillas and it's very hard :S but i my lower belly has been getting bloated without reason and i think it could be wheat? what do you think?

Chelsea said... [reply]

That take out box looks amazing! I love it when I get get a shmorgashboard (not sure if that's an actual word, but I've grown up using it haha!) of different foods like that!

Tooth pain is terrible. :( I hope your dentist appointment goes well!

Lisa (bakebikeblog) said... [reply]

what fantastic eats!!!! Particularly that first bar - how delicious!!!
Hope your jaw/teeth feel better after your trip to the dentist....tooth pain is never nice :(

Becca said... [reply]

i swear, coconut makes EVERYTHING better :] hehe. looks yummy!

Anonymous said... [reply]

I hope your dentist can help with all of your pain!!! That totally sucks!

On another note, those brown rice wraps are the best!!! Love them!!

Adrien said... [reply]

where did you find that protein bar?! I'm intrigued! It looks delish!

Also- about the wisdom teeth- goto the dentist- if they're bothering you that much you need to get them taken out! No point suffering- and the longer you wait it could do damage to your other teeth (braces at 21? no thanks!)

Lauren said... [reply]

Would love to do some kind of bloggie swap...not sure what you would like to try from around here though. I'll check into some local stuff and see what I can find for you. Do you like things like raw cookies, crackers, kale chips, granola, etc from the dehydrator? They sell a lot of local raw stuff at my health food store. I could also look into bars and stuff that are local. Let me know what kinds of things you like. xox

Laury@TheFitnessDish said... [reply]

Good Luck at the dentist! Feel better!

Those wraps look like the brown rice wraps I use for fajitas and tofu wraps :-)

oh, and baby brother is single, haha ;-)

Christina said... [reply]

Awww :( I hope your teeth start feeling better!

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