01 May 2010

Vegan Bake Sale

Good evening loves (or good morning)! I hope everyone is having a fun and
  relaxing weekend! It's seems a lot of you are packed with plans and adventures:)

I went to a Vegan Bake Sale today! It wasen't anything big or super 
exciting. Sarah Kramer, author of "How it all Vegan" was there 
organizing the event! I'm not sure if anyone has her books, but I've 
flipped through it and was always debating whether to buy it or not. 
I should since the recipes look scrumptious (Update: Bought it!)

I'll show you the bake sale in a bit.. but first...

I had no idea what to make for breakfast, so when I looked through 
the cupboards and found some amy's refried beans, "Beanwich
was the only thing that came to mind. Sorry folks, I just coined that one!

So onto my spelt bread from Wildfire Bakery, I put just over a half a cup of refried 
black beans, a bunch of steamed spinach, and a dash of cayenne pepper. Real easy! 

Now onto the Vegan Treats!

It was held outside the Tattoo Zoo which I believe is owned or
 managed by Sarah Kramer's husband. It used 100% Vegan inks

Vegan Gingerbread People, Cookies, Squares...

Coconut Energy Balls, Brownies, Granola Bars, Cupcakes...

More Brownies, Cookies, Pies, and Tarts

I love that the poster has the look of those old propaganda war posters...

I really was hoping for muffins but sadly no one made any. I
 opted out buying anything which is unfortunate. But I really 
didn't want to try and juggle a beautiful cupcake in my
 backpack.. I don't think it would have survived the journey.
Unless it was a muffin, then I would eat it right away :)

So to make up for it I got a treat while I was out shopping

Energy Ball Carob  Carob Energy Ball

Oats, peanut butter, peanuts, honey, coconut, and carob. They were quite big
in real life, and super moist. Not as awesome as muffins... but I'd say quite close!

After I stopped into Dolce Vita for coffee. I love this way 
better than Starbucks. They actually ask you if you want the
 blend light, medium, or dark roast. I went for light; nice and mild!

For lunch I stopped in at Green Cuisine and got a to-go box of veggies, steamed 
kabocha squash, curried black-eyed peas, chickpea salad, and bbq tempeh

Dinner consisted of sweet potatoes and cayenne seasoning. YUM!

Before I wrap up the post I have a curious
 question I'd love to hear your answers to:

I used to hear a lot about germs and bake sales, and how you can never trust what someone else bakes. I never put a lot of thought into it because I thought of a bake sale as an opportunity to fundraise and do something in the community to bring people together. When I think about it though it does concern me a bit. How clean are people's kitchens? Did they wash their hands? Were the ingredients stale? Etc.

Question: Do any of you think about this? Does
 it stop you from going to bake sales? Do you care?


Anonymous said... [reply]

This was never something I thought about, since I keep kosher and therefore can't usually buy these things anyway. But if you think about it, it's not that different from buying something that was prepared commercially... how do you know THEIR hands were clean?? I guess you just have to hope for the best sometimes.

<3 <3

Anonymous said... [reply]

I don't think I've ever gotten anything from a bake sale, but that's mostly due to allergies; I have a deadly allergy to peanuts, and I guess I never trusted others to realize how serious it was and how careful they had to be.

Allergies aside, though, I've never thought about germs and I don't think it would bug me too much.

Amanda @ HopeHasAPlace said... [reply]

Haha, I always go for dark roasts. Nice and strong! Mmm.

Anonymous said... [reply]

I don't buy things from bake sales too often but I am sure that I would think about hygiene while there. My poor kids some day...

That coffee sounds great, love the name of the place! The sweet potatoes, ahh I am craving some! So tomorrow I will head out to Whole Foods to get some brown rice tortillas and bread. I will let ya know how it goes and try to blog about it for a first week of May challenge...have a great night!

Lee said... [reply]


Mariah @HealthyGLAM said... [reply]

Mmm I love the idea of a beanwich!! That sounds bomb! Wish I could've gone to that vegan bake sale, it looked delicious!! Yummy sweet taters :)

Have a fabulous day girl!

Anonymous said... [reply]

The eats look great - that energy bar looks especially amazing. I love those types of treats.
And how awesome is it that there was a vegan bake sale outside of a tattoo shop that uses vegan inks? I never even would have thought someone following a vegan diet would have to make a tattoo shop decision based on that factor.
I don't usually buy stuff from a bakesale unless it's to help people I know...in which case it's not as much of a concern for me. I don't consider myself paranoid when it comes to cleanliness & germs, but I think that may be a contributing factor as to why I don't buy from bakesales when it's not people I'm familiar with. Maybe because I think of how I cook when I'm just cooking for myself, haha.

Joanne said... [reply]

Love that beanwich! Refried beans on bread just makes for the best sandwiches. So tasty! I love having them with roasted sweet potatoes or winter squash. Super yum.

I think I would assume that anyone who is contributing to a bake sale probably is semi-conscientious in the kitchen. In general, we as a society are hyperconscious about germs and probably don't need to be. I, for one, plan on letting my kids eat dirt as often as they want!

The baked goods look awesome and so does that energy ball of deliciousness!

Krista said... [reply]

Love all your eats today, Kelsey!! And a great question, too. I guess I have thought about it in passing, but I think baked goods are probably as safe as you can get as there's not much in them that can spoil from sitting out. Especially vegan treats. Also, I think we need *some* germs in our system to keep our immune system tough. As my Dad liked to say when we were kids, a little dirt never killed anyone!! LOL!

Christina said... [reply]

Mmm, that beanwich sounds great. Love the name!!

I guess I'm a little lax when it comes to germs. What I don't know won't hurt me! Yet, I don't come across bake sales very often. I find it a little sad that nowadays people have to be so concerned with homemade treats, which should be way better than the processed ones. I always wish I could bake healthy treats for kids on Halloween but I know no kid would be allowed to eat them (with good reason in today's world!).

tara said... [reply]

Ah so cool, vegan bake sale!!! The thought does cross my mind at bake sales, but hey i figure it usually is for a good cause and people want it to be a success, so a little something isnt going to be the end all be all in terms of health!
Is dolce vita a chain or just a loca thing!?!? OMG tattoo zoo vegan ink thats acutally awesome!! Enjoy your sunday girl!
<3 <3

Anonymous said... [reply]

I probably should think more about those kinds of things, but to be honest, I don't. I'm not a huge 'germ-a-phobe' and I don't think about germs too often!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Oh I love bake sales and a vegan one? Thats a great idea!

Your carob ball looks awesome as well as your beanwhich! Great day of eats.

Heather (Where's the Beach) said... [reply]

Hey girl - interesting idea with the beanwich! Love it. I typically never buy things from bake sales b/c I wouldn't eat that sort of thing. But, I have totally thought about the kitchen thing. Would it stop me from buying though? Probably not.

Beth @ Beth's Journey to Thin said... [reply]

TO be honest - - I never thought about that until now! I don't really go to bake sales too often, but I think the causes are usually good so I wouldn't let it stop me from going. Also, when you bake something, the temperature gets pretty high so hopefully itll kill whatever there was to be concerned about in the first place!

I love beanwich.. sad you coined it before i could!! :)

B said... [reply]


I agree with you on losing a little respect for the girls who gossip. For a while I didn't like Jessica at all, but then once they were ALL guilty she went back up to number 1 haha

I've NEVER thought about the bake sale thing but now that you mention it, it is REALLY skecthy. I think i'd be less inclined to by something mediocore but if there was some sort of peanut butter square i'd still buy it ;)

That carob, pb ball thing looks AHmazing!! SO jealous! Hope you're having a fantastic weekend love!!

alex said... [reply]

I want those ginger people !!!
That energy ball looked so good - Minus the coconut flakes, lol!

Sounds like a very productive day!!!

It doesn't stop me from buying from a bake sale - I have a nail biting habit, I obviously am not concerned since I put my fingers in my mouth...baaaaad habit!

Megan D said... [reply]

That "energy ball" looks awesome! And I do get kind of grossed out thinking about germs at bake sales. But sometimes ignorance is bliss!

runnerforever said... [reply]

I never worried about it, but I could convince myself of it so I don't go crazy at bake sales :-)

Anonymous said... [reply]

I have thought about it, but I try to not worry. If I know someone that will be cooking and I know they don't have the best cleaning habits I stear away from their stuff, but other than that I definitely will purchase from a bake sale!

Lauren said... [reply]

To be honest, yes. I do worry. I am a bit of a germophobe, what can I say? That won't stop me from buying something, I'll just buy it for someone else. I still want to support whatever cause they are fundraising for. I just can't help but think about whether or not the people washed their hands, etc. I hope I don't sound too paranoid. What's the worst thing that could happen, really? But, I digress. I can't change who I am.
Hope you had a great weekend love, xoxo

Anonymous said... [reply]

I used to love mexican food for breakfast when I was younger! it wasn't quite as classy as yours though

Anonymous said... [reply]

Good question and one I've never even considered before. I'll have to say though.. that I would still buy from bake sales unless the person behind the table looked grubby.Germs don't bug me. :)

lynn @ the actors diet said... [reply]

oooh vegan bake sale. i have to say, i don't really think about the cleanliness stuff. if i did i would never eat anywhere!

Molly said... [reply]

beanwich... when at my internship this past year i would always pack a flat wrap stuffed with refried black beans and nooch...yum!

oh gosh i never put much thought into that stuff either.. and no it does not stop me at all :o)

Michal said... [reply]

Look at all the yummy vegan goodies you lucky lady :) I do think about that sometimes, and the same goes for eating out. You never really know how clean a place is. It does freak me out a bit.

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