03 June 2010

Over the Hump

You know it's going to be a beautiful day when ...

...you see sunshine in your fruit and yogurt bowl :)

Time to peel off the sweaters and head to
the beach!!! Just gotta make some lunch first...

Gluten-free wrap with kale, eggs, onions, and mustard

Ready for wrapping...

With a full belly, i'm all set to visit the Pacific Ocean!

My friend collecting some rocks and pebbles...

And she gave me them as a present! aweee

And since the sun makes me ravenous, I had a "fibre 
chocolate delite" (Raw Organic Food Bar) because it's my favorite!!!

After spending the day with my friend, I realized I had been
 neglecting my other, just as important friends, my sweet potatoes!

Jealousy ensued, but they got over it...

Also I caved and watched the new Jillian Michaels Losing It...

Question 1: Why is it acceptable to create shows
like The Biggest Loser celebrating obese people getting
 fit, yet it would be unheard of to show really underweight 
individuals winning money for gaining weight?

Question 2: Do you feel there is a double standard 
between overweight and underweight in our society?


Jessica Lee said... [reply]

I think its because obesity is seen as more of a problem in our society so it's being focused on more. I don't think its really discrimination, just that no one has created a show about it yet. I think there are more people trying to lose weight than gain so there is more of an audience for weight loss. Hence, the media picks right up on it!

Mandiee said... [reply]

Great point about the view of underweight and overweight in our society! I would actually really like to see a show like that about underweight individuals because I think it would motivate those that need help to get it and show everyone that it is completely acceptable to be normal; there is a big difference between thin and fit!

I've really got to try those raw bars; they sound delicious! Also, it looks like you had quite the fun day with your friend. She's such a sweetie for giving you little treasures! Once I'm done next week, I'll be chilling at my cottage on the Great Lakes. I can't wait!

Have a lovely day!

Averie @ Averie Cooks said... [reply]

I think tv shows that glorify in any way someone's struggles with their food, weight, self image, etc are a bad use of resources...both for the people who subject themselves to filming and for those that watch. What, is it like train wreck, so horrific but you can't really not stop and stare? I personally dont think much good can come on any front from tv shows like TBL or the like...and I confess, i have never watched them so i dont know, but I just encourage everyone who has issues to do something productive and getting filmed on a tv show probbaly isnt gonna help them.

I hope this doesnt sound awful but I just wish these people light and strength and to say no to cameras while they are getting healthy.


Lola said... [reply]

Oh the beach_!!! how i wish i was there :) i'm sure you had an awesome time!!!
I think a show called the biggest winner, with people recovering from Ed's or sickness, it would be such a good influence, showing people that they can gain weight eating healthy food and not only junk! I don't know, i might be off!

Anonymous said... [reply]

I wish I could go to the beach and enjoy in the sun...
Well, I believe that both underweight and overweight aren't healthy, but I know that society makes a difference between it. I mean, the models that are payed millions look like they'll die because they haven't eaten more than a leaf of lettuce. Most of the time, people won't tell an overweight person that they are overweight, but almost everybody will that an underweight person that they should put on some weight.

Danielle (Runs on Green) said... [reply]

It looks like you had a great day at the beach! (*jealousssss*)

I saw Jillian's new show too and my dad made a good point- he said what she's doing is pretty dangerous/unhealthy because killing them in the gym could give them a heart attack (the doctor even said they're at high risk). I think the double standard is because obesity is muchhh more prevalent/a problem...but either way, I don't agree with it :/

Anonymous said... [reply]

Our society definitely prefers skinny people, that's for sure. I don't know if a gaining weight show would ever do well. I'm not one to watch reality television (we don't even have TV at all), so my vote would be a no for both. I think other means of teaching healthy lifestyle should be used instead.

alex said... [reply]

your food is like little art masterpieces! love it!

Amanda @ . seek . said... [reply]

I've only ever watched one episode of The Biggest Loser because the whole concept of the show drives me insane. Not only is she torturing those poor people, but she's not teaching them any healthy habits that will allow them to KEEP the weight off. And I think the whole concept of "who can lose the most weight per week" is just dangerous. Why should someone feel like they've failed if they manage to only lose 2 lbs that week? Ridiculous.

And there is kind of a double standard between underweight/overweight. Being underweight seems to be more socially acceptable, probably because of Hollywood and the modelling industry. Being extremely thin is usually seen as as positive because the person who is that way is usually seen as having more control, whereas the overweight person is viewed in a negative light as having no control. Sad that people don't realize that in both cases, deeper issues are to blame.

Megan D said... [reply]

The beach looks beautiful! As does your berrylicious sunshiney breakfast! There is definitely a double standard, I think just because no one realizes how being underweight can truly be a problem. Instead, being sickly thin is praised. Soo messed up.

theemptynutjar said... [reply]

yep - definitely double standards. what a lovely day u had!

Heather (Where's the Beach) said... [reply]

Love sunshine in a bowl. My wraps are always bursting at the seems like that too.

I totally believe that there is a major double standard. Look at just about any magazine that touts "fitness." Skinny does not automatically equal fit at all.

Katie said... [reply]

Ooh, I can't wait to go to the beach! One month, one month...

There is clearly a standard where we celebrate an underweight aesthetic here and shun those who are average or overweight.

Katie @ Health for the Whole Self said... [reply]

Interesting questions!

I haven't seen Jillian's new show, so I can't comment on that specifically, but I do think there's a bit of a double standard when it comes to overweight/underweight. Being overweight is looked down upon and yet talked about very publicly on television and such. Being underweight is sometimes glorified, and rarely discussed in a negative light. I know many women who dropped to very unhealthy weights, and yet all they ever got were compliments. Scary.

Anonymous said... [reply]

There absolutely is a double standard; the same way people feel like they can tell others that they're "too skinny," but it's considered much too rude to tell someone they're "too fat"! But I never thought of it in the terms you did... why isn't there a show about that!? ;)

<3 <3

Chelsea said... [reply]

There is definitely a double standard. I think (or I'm hoping) maybe we're headed toward change though, with all that controversy surrounding size 0 models. We still have a long way to go though because the glorification of thinness is so engrained in society!

I'm not sure if a tv show about weight gain would succeed just because there is a greater % of the population who can relate to weight loss goals. Plus people generally scoff at those who say they want to gain weight. It's like "Oh boo hoo, poor you for being too skinny". Again, they're seeing thinness as being a GOOD thing, even if it is unhealthy.

Krista said... [reply]

Interesting point! I think we're all so focused on society becoming increasingly over weight that we forget that it's just as hard (if not harder) for some people to gain weight. Something to ponder for sure.

Glad you enjoyed a day at the beach!!

Lindsay @ http://pancakesnpajamas.blogspot.com/ said... [reply]

What a cute bowl!!! Your breakfasts are always so fresh!

hbobier said... [reply]

I didn't love "Losing it." Way too much yelling for my liking. I'll probably give it a few more weeks just because I love Jillian that much, but so far it looks like the show is a bust.

And I definitely think there's a double standard for overweight and underweight...probably because the vast majority of North Americans are overweight and it's seemingly "easier" to be overweight than underweight!

Anonymous said... [reply]

It's a double standard! If you are skinny, people assume you are healthy as opposed to heavy means you are unhealthy.

I did cry when I was watching Losing It. :(

Ali said... [reply]

I am jealous that you spent the day at the beach!

I love sweet potato fries too :)

Anonymous said... [reply]

It seems you had an amazing time at the beach. Also I love your breakfts!

emily said... [reply]

I don't know if I have an answer for your question yet, but it definitely got me thinking. For what it's worth, I would most likely watch "The Biggest Gainer."

Christina said... [reply]

I think a show about people gaining weight would be really interesting. I think it could be a possibility in the future!

claire said... [reply]

I really can't watch those shows either...it is such a double standard and like Amanda, I feel that the race to who can lose weight fastest, is a completely unhealthy mentality...hopefully they can change that double standard for the future and realize how damaging it can be.

The eats and beach fun looks like a great day lady!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Great wrap! love it.

Really like question 1 too; I feel like I'm too bias about the benefits of gaining weight to talk, but I think people are bitter towards those trying to gain. There is a stigma against skinny people thinking they are the ideal image and "why don't you just eat more" is the solution (of course why don't the overweight "just eat less")

Adrien said... [reply]

It was so not warm enough for tanning on the beach today! I tried in my backyard and quickly put on jeans and a sweater! I missed the boat on the heat.. where ever it was today!!

I actually saw a British show recently that paralleled an obese person loosing weight as an anorexic person gained weight, I honestly have no idea why shows like that exist, probably because an obese person loosing weight is easier and more positive to watch than someone severely underweight. I feel that underweight people have the ability to trigger people to loose more weight ( a big comparison) where an overweight person inspiring another person to eat more wouldn't really come from a show like that.. does that make sense? long winded way of saying it..

Erica said... [reply]

ah the beach! I love it. I couldn't imagine not living near one :) Great lunch time wrap. I haven't watched Jillian's new show. Any good?

Laury@TheFitnessDish said... [reply]

Jillian is a sellout. She preaches to lose weight through diet and exercise....yet these contestants are working out 8hrs a day, eating too little calories and losing 20lbs a week. Then she goes and sells "fat burners" on QVC. Ugh. I had respect for her at one point, and did think her one book Master Your Metabolism was actually decent. But it was pretty much written by docs and lots of references.


That fruit and yogurt bowl looks scrum-diddly-umptous!

ALways a good day when theres
fruit and sunshine!!!

xx L

Anonymous said... [reply]

You are too cute, collecting pebbles at the beach! One day, I will come visit Victoria and you'll have to show me around the beach and all the beautiful places you've been featuring on the blog.

As for Jillian's new show, I haven't seen it yet. I have mixed feelings about Jillian and TBL. Reality TV in general kind of bothers me...On TBL I don't like that they make a "game" out of getting healthy. Maybe it can be a motivating factor but I don't think it necessarily makes for long term results. Sometimes contestants get so caught up in winning, that they aren't as focused on getting their lives back, which is what the show SHOULD be all about, and apparently is what Jillian Michaels stands for. I really like Jillian and I love her workout videos...and I like that she really seems to care about people. But I question her sometimes. What is with her endorsement of her diet pills? That just seems like a wacky money making scheme. And I hate the way the contestants on TBL are purposefully meant to feel shame (I know this isn't Jillian's doing, but the producers). I mean seriously, making them weigh in half naked on TV just to humiliate them and spike the ratings? And if they only lose a pound, its shameful, not a POSITIVE thing that they lost a pound. I mean, to me, that's an accomplishment. Maybe its not 30 pounds like some contestants, but certainly not SHAMEFUL. The concept is kind of disgusting if you think about it. Then again, a lot of people have actually become healthy and fit and most importantly, HAPPY from the show, so again, I have mixed feelings.

And yes, there is a double standard for underweight/overweight...it sucks. They all usually stems from similar deep rooted issues, so they should be treated in that manner...not as if being underweight is somehow superior. And its not okay to tell someone they look too skinny...that can be taken as an insult and people don't realize it because being skinny is so glamourized.

Sorry for the super long comment. Have a great night love <3

Rebekah (clarity in creation.) said... [reply]

thank you so much for your sweet words on my post, girl! you are crazy inspiring, yourself :)

and ps - this post is AWESOME. totally great thought about the biggest loser. honestly, i think it's kinda sad that half the shows in america are on food network, and the other half are diet shows. yikes.

ac said... [reply]

Hey Kelsey!!

WHY IS IT THAT YOU LIVE BY THE PACIFIC OCEAN AND I DO NOT?! HRRRMMM?? Instead, I live by the Lake Ontario, which is known to be good for nothing -- not even the sea animals. :-(

But, moving on, your gluten-free kale+egg wrap looks delicious! I want one of those now, please. :D We used to sell Raw Organic Food bars at my store, but then they somehow disappeared and I'm not entirely sure why. I want them back!

Your questions are awesome. I'd probably secretly love to watch The Biggest Winner. Maybe you should pitch that to the network, Kels. ;)

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