12 November 2010

Hug A Vegan

In honor of "Hug-A-Vegan" Month
my teddy bear decided to Hug-A-Katie!

I kidnapped Chocolate-Covered-Katie

Just kidding! It's not real, Dummy! (pun intended)

I made the Dummy by stuffing towels into my clothes, and 
 used elastic bands to tie up the arm/leg holes (while clothes
 were inside out) then flipped them right-side-in and stuffed it

Tried to give it some Lady-Boobage which got a
 little wonky (thankfully i'm not a plastic surgeon)

Took her it outside for a few extra photos in my Herbivore T-shirt. Bought
 it back in my Vegan days from a local store called Shift; Natural Fashion

Lastly, I ended with my favorite two photos...

Look at your mannequin bum Katie! haha :)

So if you haven't already,