25 April 2011

Green Cuisine Fire

The other day I got a text from my best friend that read:
 "Green Cuisine burnt down!"
In shock, I went online and found the Times Colonist 

According to reports, the fire started last Tuesday morning at 5am, causing 
$300,000 worth of damage. The only blessing is that no one was injured

I went down to check it out, remembering this post I made 
back when Green Cuisine was a flourishing Vegan Restaurant

Most of the damage is in the back behind the kitchen (not visible)

You can see the residue from the smoke and ash, which also caused 
many businesses above the restaurant to temporarily close down

When I was still working here, the gorgeous painted 
murals by Miles Lowry were just being completed...

My thoughts are with Chef and Owner, Andy 
Cunningham, and the whole family at Green Cuisine

Green Cuisine is the Heart of Market Square, and we all hope this won't be 
the end of such a precious establishment, cherished by so many customers

To end on a happier note, I decided to pay tribute to Green
 Cuisine's delicious vegan food, with a photo montage of some 
of the many meals and desserts I have eaten there :)

Plus many more...


Alex@Spoonful of Sugar Free said... [reply]

Oh no! How horrible! I know how you loved that restaurant :(

Lauren said... [reply]

THat's so sad. I will say a restaurant I loved (Green Market Tavern) had a fire and closed. The chef opened another restaurant (in NYC) that he never would've had it not been for that unfortunate event. I hope some food comes out of this. Loved the photo tribute.

Chelsea said... [reply]

That's so awful! I hope they're able to get back up and running soon. Their food always looks amazing!

Michele said... [reply]

That take out looks great! :) Thanks for visiting my blog, I will add yours to my bookmark & follow as well :)

Anonymous said... [reply]

Oh nooo! That is so sad :( I would cry if my one my favorite restaurants burnt down... Each establishment is so unique - you'll never find something quiteee like it! (Unless of course it is a chain, but in that case it wouldn't be one of my favorites.)

Unknown said... [reply]

how sad. I really hope they can restore everything. Keep us posted!

Natalie @ cinnamonbums said... [reply]

oh no =( sad day =( im glad no one was hurt though!

LauraJayne said... [reply]

That is so sad! I definitely hope they reopen - there isn't enough vegetarian restaurants in the world to lose a good one!

Holly @ The Runny Egg said... [reply]

Sad! I hope they are able to get everything back to (somewhat) normal. :(

Sarena Shasteen - The Non-Dairy Queen said... [reply]

Oh no, Kelsey, that is awful! My thoughts are with the family that owns it. I'm so glad no one was hurt.

Leanne @healthfulpursuit said... [reply]

Oh no, that's terrible. I hope they're able to get back on their feet really soon. It's good that no one was there and was hurt.
Your eats look fantastic! Especially that kale goodness!

Aspiring Steph said... [reply]

Oh my that's horrible...I really hope everything will be fine and they would reopen as soon as possible. But on a positive note, nobody was hurt, right?

Heather Iacobacci-Miller said... [reply]

Oh no!!!!! That's terrible.

Jess said... [reply]

That is horrible!! For the owners AND the customers!!

Kath (My Funny Little Life) said... [reply]

Several years ago, a restaurant where I'd gone to as a child with my parents a couple of times burnt down. It's rebuilt now, but it still gives me an eerie feelng if I think of it. Fire scares me. :O

I love your food memory assortment! So kind!

Anonymous said... [reply]

omg that is so sad :( the food looked so good, i hope they are able to recover the funds through insurance and re-open!

Lauren said... [reply]

That is so sad! Poor vegan restaurant!

Simply Life said... [reply]

all that food is definitely a happy note to end on - it looks great!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Wow thats horrible, at least now you guys can goto the Keg and have crab and other sea-vegetables :P

Gillian said... [reply]

That's so sad!! Their food looks amazing! I love Market Square! Hope they get back on their feet soon!!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... [reply]

That's sad about Green Cuisine :-(

On a good note, the desserts all look amazing!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Oh no! I hope everything get backs together and starts rolling! How sad. :(


Anonymous said... [reply]

Yikes! I hope everything turns out ok! The place sounds awesome!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Oh my goodness that is terrible! I am in shock too. I feel like I've been there myself because I've seen the food featured on here so much :(

Joanne said... [reply]

How terrible! I know how much you loved eating there :/

brandi said... [reply]

oh no! It's so sad when things like this happen, but I hope that it means something even better is on the other side.

Caroline said... [reply]

That is so terrible! I hope that they will be able to bounce back! I'm sure with followers such as yourself, everyone is going to do their best to get them back in business!

I also gave your blog an award, please do stop by my blog to accept it!

Olivia said... [reply]

Mmm that vegan cinnamon raisin bun looks bomb!! I tagged you in my post btw!!

Goldberry said... [reply]

aw, that's awful - especially when your eats from there look so delightful! :(

Krista said... [reply]

Oh no!!! I hope they're able to open back up soon!

Ryann @ MyWholeDeal.com said... [reply]

I don't know how I didn't hear about this before! Stopped by for some yummy soup and rice today and I was flabbergasted! So, so sad--one of the pictures looks like a pile of melty toys. My kids loved the play area and I loved that we could eat everything there without worry. Not many places like that here in Victoria. Hope they come back from this bad luck soon!

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